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                         Exposing the Secrets                              ity of the crews are full time, but there             must change it ourselves, because, as
                           I am writing in response to Thom                are many part-timers on staff who do                  has always been the case in our com-
                         Dick’s article in the February issue.             an occasional shift. Full-timers are                  munities, it will not be done unless we
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                           For 30 years, we were a county-                 paid a better wage and part-timers                    do it. We should all be working toward
Nancy.Perry              owned (but not county-wide) service               are paid the same as before, but at a                 this goal, even us “old-timers” who
@cygnusb2b.com           with some full-time salaried staff                better rate. We recently also acquired                drag our feet at change. It must be
Letters may be           and about twice that number of paid               the previously privately owned service                done and the sooner the better for all.
edited for clarity       part-timers or volunteers, who were               in the next small town. All in all, the               Joanne Moore, EMT-I
and to conform           paid a small stipend per shift. Most              community is better served with this                  Douglas, WY
to space
requirements.            of us part-timers had other full-time             arrangement and the higher level
                         jobs—some in EMS, some not. We felt               of training. I am a part-timer at the                   This letter is in response to Thom
                         we were providing the best service                end of a 30-year career, with most of                 Dick’s article EMS’ Dirty Secret in the
                         we could to our community, which is               my full-time jobs also in EMS. I thor-                February issue.
                         a somewhat rural area with energy-                oughly agree we probably were hurting                   First, I am not picking on volun-
                         related industry (oil, gas, coal, etc.).          ourselves and our community by being                  teers. They are goodhearted people
                         Most of us placed EMS first and family             volunteers or paid volunteers. I encour-              who simply want to help. There is no
                         second on many occasions. There was               age all the younger EMTs to make it a                 doubt that they have an important role
                         no choice; if we did not do it, it would          career and earn a decent living. Do                   in today’s EMS system; however, they
                         not be done. And who among us would    
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