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									Compaction               I   Equipment

Operator training
works to maximize
mat quality.                                                                            Perfect
By Kim Berndtson                           Roller                                       Operation
A            good paving job will have a
             smooth, dense appearance
             that looks flat and tight,
without any gaps between the aggre-
gates at the surface. Yet, that appear-
                                           met in order to maintain quality and
                                           productivity,” says Mansell.
                                              According to Wayne Tomlinson,
                                           training specialist, Volvo Road
                                           Institute, operators often retake
                                                                                         Sakai’s ExactCompact monitors
                                                                                         impact spacing, while Intelligent
                                                                                         Compaction plots roller laps.
                                                                                            “[Such features] are a great help
                                                                                         to the busy roller operator, allowing
                                                                                                                                    mat quality and road life.
                                                                                                                                        “A good roller operator under-
                                                                                                                                    stands the process and what his/
                                                                                                                                    her job is within that process,” says
                                                                                                                                    Bruce Monical, marketing manager,
ance doesn’t just happen. There are a      courses offered through the Institute,        him to focus on the job at hand and        Hamm Compaction Division. “He/
lot of factors that affect mat quality.    in part to get hands-on training, as          make changes if necessary by using         she can make or break the contrac-
    The paver operator, the paving         well as to get the latest information         real-time information,” says Mansell.      tor’s ability to achieve final payout. A
mix, even the distance from the            about what’s happening in the indus-             But operators need to be trained        good operator can help you; a poorly
asphalt plant to the jobsite all play a    try. “During the three-day training,          on how to use such features in order       trained operator can hurt you.”
role in achieving optimum mat den-                                                                                                      Some of the topics training ses-
sity. But the last person to touch the                                                                                              sions focus upon include:
pavement is the roller operator. He/                                                                                                    Maintaining proper speed —
she is the one who has the greatest                                                                                                 Roller speed has one of the greatest
influence on smoothness.                                                                                                            influences on mat quality. Driving
   “Over the years, operator perfor-                                                                                                too slow can over compact the sur-
mance has become more and more                                                                                                      face; driving too fast can leave gaps
critical to the bottom-line success                                                                                                 and compromise safety if the opera-
of most any paving job,” says Todd                                                                                                  tor gets too close to the paver.
Mansell, technical marketing manager,                                                                                                   Using the correct speed will also
Sakai America. “With job profits based                                                                                              help to maintain the a
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