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 As space is limited, we are able to offer only brief descriptions of the new products presented here. Quick Printing does not endorse these products and rec-
ommends full inspection prior to the purchase of any equipment or supplies. All material here is based on information provided by the manufacturers. For
technical specifications or more detailed information, please use our reader service card at the back of the magazine.
Vendors: If you’d like to submit a press release, send via e-mail to QP Products at If available, please include art or photography
to illustrate the product. Attached digital images should be saved in the TIFF or JPEG format (Mac preferred) at a resolution of 300 dpi (150 lpi).

                                                                                  ment options, improved preflight-
SOFTWARE                                                                          ing, and integration with Enfocus
                                                                                  PowerSwitch. This upgrade creates
COLORTRAC COPYSMART                                                               PDFs that comply with specifica-
  Colortrac’s CopySmart professional color managed scan-                          tions, including PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-3,
to-copy software is now available with specialist printer                         PDF/X-4, and Ghent PDF Work-
drivers which support Canon’s imagePROGRAF iPF810 and                             group industry standards. Designers
imagePROGRAF iPF820 series. The software uses a file-based                        access Instant PDF 08 from within
TIFF driver for copy size control and to reduce paper waste                       design applications, including the
                                              and configura-                      latest versions of QuarkXPress, Ado-
                                              tion effort. It in-                 be Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and
                                              cludes a built-in                   Adobe Acrobat. Standard PDF queues or custom PDF queues
                                              color calibration                   created by the user can be imported into design software to
                                              tool that can                       ensure consistent and accurate PDF generation that meets all
                                              be used to pro-                     job specifications.
                                              duce new media                              FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT WWW.QUICKPRINTING.COM/ EINQUIRY
                                              profiles. Using a
                                              supplied IT8 tar-                   ADOBE INDESIGN CS4
                                              get sheet with                        Adobe Systems announced Adobe InDesign CS4 software,
                                              the Wizard-con-                     a major upgrade to its professional page layout program. The
trolled Profiler, it can be profiled (calibrated) to any paper/                   Live Preflight feature highlights potential production prob-
ink combination. CopySmart includes third party RIP sup-                          lems in real-time from within the layout and directs users to
port. By selecting the TIFF file driver, the user can automati-                   the problem area to resolve the issue. A customizable Links
cally route data from any copy operation, black-and-white or                      panel enables users to find, sort, and manage placed files in
color, to any folder using a standard browse box. This allows                     a document, view attributes such as scale, resolution and ro-
the front-end to be combined with the user’s preferred RIP                        tation, and identify files using thumbnails. Users can export
software and its own profiling system. The operator can use                       an InDesign document as an XFL file and then open it in
the RIP job queue management to reposition print jobs,                            Adobe Flash CS4 Professional to add interactivity, anima-
store partially RIPed images on disk, and reprint them.                           ti
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