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Why You (Yes, You) Should Be Blogging by ProQuest


It's tough to talk about yourself. You may even think it's silly. Who would want to hear about Rover? But just scan a few successful blogs out there and you'll soon see lots of people have gotten lots of website hits by writing about very little. And the most beautiful thing in writing about such personal topics is nobody cares if you miss a comma or two.

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									                                                                                                          by Tawnya Starr

       web                     marketing

Why You (Yes, You)
Should Be Blogging
             o matter where I go, coast to coast, I hear the      Great…But I’m a Printer, Not a Writer
             same question: “How do I get folks to visit my         I know what you’re thinking right now: I barely have
             website?” About five years ago that question         time to breathe, let alone blog. I have a business, a mort-
             would’ve been: “Do I really need a website?”         gage, a school fundraiser to worry about. I’m the owner of
Just look at how far we’ve come.                                  my company and I still have to order office supplies. If I’m
  I’m so proud of us. Printers have really taken that tech-       going to take time to create this blog, come up with con-
nology bull by the horns. And we all know how much work           tinual topics, and (gulp) write—it better be worth it. Are
it took to overcome those growing pains—while running a           other printers actually taking the time to do this?
business, raising a family, and attempting to have a life. We       Truth be told, not too many printers have hopped on
took the time to make our business better instead of just         the blogging bandwagon yet. In fact, I found a blog on the
maintaining it, and that’s huge.                                  topic of printers not blogging! But that doesn’t mean it’s
  Now it’s time for us to keep that growth going by keeping       not worth it. Actually, it makes it more worth it. If you’re
up with the times. It’s no longer enough just to have a web-      the first printer on your block to blog, you’ve got a much
site, because the fact is everyone has a website. The trick now   more captive audience than if the whole printing world is
is to get people to visit your site instead of surfing YouTube.   writing away.
How do you do it? By using the same tools Internet rock             If you let people know it’s there, blogging will bring
stars do, but using them small-business-owner-style. One          more eyes to your website. It can also help you climb
of the easiest, most inexpensive ways to start is blogging.       those ever elusive search engine ladders simply because
That’s right, blogging.                                           there is more of your company name and information
                                                                  “out there” on the Web. Any links to your blog will help
What the Heck is a Blog?                                          that jaunt as well. Big time bloggers are considered experts
  Blog is short for “Web log,” and that’s just what it is—an      in their fields, and we all know what being an expert can
online journal that people update with their thoughts,            get you. Blogs are big business on the Web, and the online
tips, or any other information they want to share with            world is ready to read more!
the online world. A person who updates this journal is              Need more proof? We all love case studies; here are a few
called a “blogger” and the act of updating the content is         to sink your teeth into.
called “blogging.” Like any other journal, the more often
it’s updated, the more successful it will be. Many blogs
are updated daily, some weekly and—to be considered                 Classic Cookie Company based in Saint Paul, MN, was
a blog—new content should be added at the very least              about t
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