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									                                                                                                           by Dave Fellman

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Tracking A Territory
           ast month, I wrote about the wisdom of assigning       means 100 suspect companies, although there could be
           a territory to every salesperson. The reason you       some assigned actual customers in the mix. With a vet-
           do that, I wrote, is to help the salesperson to stay   eran, I sometimes have a fight on my hands to limit the
           organized. I promised to continue the discussion       list to 100. “I have over 300 customers,” a salesperson
in this month’s column, and I want to start that with a           with about three years on the job told recently me. “Oh,
question: If you had to choose between two candidates for         yeah?” I countered, “How many of them have actually
your sales position—one with strong convincing skills, but        bought anything over the last 12 months?” It turned out
weak organizational skills, and the other with the opposite       that some of them hadn’t bought anything for more than
profile—which one would you choose?                               12 years, but they were still coded as her customers. It also
  That’s a question I always ask in sales management              turned out that she had contacted barely half of them.
seminars, and the responses almost always favors con-               Another one of my coaching clients sent me a list of
vincing skills. I’m not sure, though, that you wouldn’t           34 customers, 10 prospects, and 56 suspects. After some
be better off with the better organized candidate, and            discussion, we decided that only six of those prospects
here’s my rationale. Convincing skills can be taught,             were really fully qualified, but beyond that, this was
but organizational skills seem to require a fundamental           exactly the sort of territory list I was looking for. We
personality bias. The “gift of gab” seems to be far more          then started a conversation about maximizing the 34
prevalent among printing salespeople than the ability to          customers, converting the six prospects into customers,
make and follow a plan. I have had limited success teach-         and evaluating the 60 suspects to determine which ones
ing “scattered” salespeople to be better organized, but           were worth following up with.
pretty good success teaching well organized salespeople             Toward the end of that conversation, she said: “Those
to be more effective closers.                                     60 suspects mostly came from a list my boss bought, and
  Still, there are a lot of those “scattered” salespeople out     the list has more than 600 companies on it. What are we
there. So it’s important to recognize that when you have          going to do with the rest of them?”
something that’s difficult to teach—like or
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