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									                                                                                                          by Dave Fellman

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     Printer of the Year:
                 Ann Mitchell                            By Bob Hall

A         nn Mitchell, owner of Direct Connect Solutions
           in Nashville, TN, has been selected as the 2008
            recipient of the NAQP Printer of the Year Award.
The award is given to a printer who has demonstrated the
ability to operate a successful, profitable, and customer
                                                                while maintaining mailing and data operations in the
                                                                original building. In 2003, the business had again grown
                                                                too big for the available space and the company bought
                                                                a 60,000 square foot building, later adding an additional
                                                                4,000 square feet of office space. Plans call for adding even
responsive business, who has demonstrated creativity and        more space in the near future.
vision in embracing new technologies, products, and ser-          Starting out as CBS Printing, the company changed its
vices, and who has exhibited commitment and service to          name to CBS Music City Printing & Mailing before settling
community groups and industry organizations.                    on its current name of Direct Connect Solutions. “While
                                                                we still print and mail,” says Mitchell, “our specialty is
  Starting from a 750 square foot, two person shop in           data and personalized documents specifically for regulated
1985, Mitchell has built her business to a $14.16 million       industries. The health care industry has been one of our key
operation and earned the #9 spot on Quick Printing’s 2008       vertical markets.”
Top 100. Along the way, she has found time to serve on
the NAQP board of directors for six years, including a stint
as chairman. During her tenure on the board she helped
choose the current president and CEO Steve Johnson, a
move she considers “the best thing that could have hap-
pened to the association.”
                                                                   Steve and
                                                                   Ann Mitchell
Growing Up                                                         are the driving
  During the first 10 years after its 1985 start, her company      forces behind
moved twice to larger locations before finally buying a            the success of
9,000 square foot building in 1995. In 2000, the opera-            Direct Connect
tion was overflowing that location and Mitchell purchased          Solu
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