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									                                    PAPER product roundup
Information used for this product roundup has been provided          chain-of-custody certified is a way the company chooses
by the vendors, whose claims or features have not been veri-         to support the growth of responsible forest management
fied. As always, buyers should thoroughly research all products      worldwide and helps its customers meet demand for envi-
before making a purchase.                                            ronmentally responsible products. The company will label
                                                                     products as “FSC Mixed Sources” for customers who want
MOHAWK BECKETT                                                       to purchase one or more grades of FSC certified carbonless,
CAMBRIC                                                              thermal, or security paper products. FSC Mixed Sources
  Mohawk Fine Papers has re-                                         means the product contains a mixture of FSC certified ma-
launched its premium linen paper                                     terial, reclaimed material, and/or other controlled sources.
grade, Beckett Cambric. It now                                        FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT WWW.QUICKPRINTING.COM/ EINQUIRY
features 15 new shades, heavier
weights, digital with i-Tone op-                                     MICRO FORMAT SECURE GUARD
tions, and the most up-to-date en-                                     Micro Format is an approved
vironmental attributes. For portfo-                                  manufacturer of tamper resis-
lio covers, report covers, business                                  tant secure prescription pa-
cards, stationery, and brochures,                                    per nationwide. Secure Guard
Beckett Cambric offers the qualities of a premium linen              Tamper Resistant Rx Paper Base
paper. The entire line is FSC certified and made carbon              Stock meets and exceeds all
neutral. It features five shades made with 100% post-                three categories, as required
consumer waste fiber (PCW), and 12 30% PCW shades. All               by Medicaid October 2008.
cut size papers are guaranteed to run in copiers, laser and          RX503T is available in 8.5x11"
inkjet printers, and digital color production presses. Cam-          single part, two part pre-collat-
bric Digital with i-Tone papers are specifically designed for        ed sets, CB, and 11x17". Now available: 9.5x11" pre-collat-
the HP Indigo press and run equally well on the Kodak                ed sets with stubs for printing Rx sets with a binding stub.
Nexpress and the Xerox iGen3.                                               FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT WWW.QUICKPRINTING.COM/ EINQUIRY
                                                                     NEENAH CLEARFOLD TRANSLUCENT
HAMMERMILL DIGITAL GLOSS                                                                       CLEARFOLD Translucent Pa-
  The Hammermill brand offers a full line of papers                                          per from Neenah Paper is now
suitable for digital printing, including new Hammer-                                         FSC Certified. The on-machine
                                 mill Digital Gloss. All are                                 transparentizing process used for
                                  backed by a 99.99% Jam-                                    CLEARFOLD Translucent Papers
                                   Free guarantee. Digital                                   makes it suitable for offset print-
                                     Gloss papers are for-                                   ing and offers foldability. Available
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