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									                             MANAGING IN THE MILLENNIUM

                           On cameras
                           H         ave you ever watched an episode
                                     of the television series “To Catch
                           A Predator?” Even if you say you haven’t,
                                                                                  Right now many criminal justice agen-
                                                                              cies are coming under intense public
                                                                              scrutiny because their activities are being
                           I’m betting you have. I know I’ve watched          recorded and appearing on the evening
                           it on occasion.                                    news, adding to the damning of police and
                               Two things strike me about this show:          the profession everywhere.
                           There are a lot of really stupid sexual                Courts have ruled that unless the pho-
                           predators (that’s a good thing) and the            tographer or the photograph itself inter-
                           takedowns almost always look like overkill         feres with the investigation or the officers’
                           (and that’s not such a good thing).                abilities to do their jobs, police cannot
                               What I mean by overkill is that half-a-        lawfully stop them or confiscate the pho-
                           dozen officers will jump on the offender           tos or film. To keep crime scenes uncon-
                           and very forcefully take him down.                 taminated and protect the dignity of
Carole Moore                   Now, I know as well as the next cop            victims, they often can be cordoned off
                           that what is perceived to be happening and         in such a way as to prevent snooping, but
                           what actually is happening are often two           arrests caught on tape can often reflect
                           different things. Police like to err on the        what — to the average citizen — appears
 Arrests caught            side of caution. To conduct business any
                           other way would be dangerous to both the
                                                                              to be an overreaction or too much force.
                                                                              And that leads to an even more pro-
   on tape can             officers and bystanders.
                               I remember years ago on a foot patrol
                                                                              nounced mistrust of police.
                                                                                  At this time, several jurisdictions,
  often reflect            in a downtown red light district when one          including the Seattle and Miami police,
                           of our officers came across a young man            are wrestling with very public incidents
    what — to              who clearly needed a mental health evalua-     
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