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									         FIREARMS TACTICS
        By Lindsey Bertomen

                                                                                   Above: Training for fighting in the hole
                                                                                   includes practicing unusual shooting
                                                                                   positions and close-quarter shooting.
                                                                                   Left: Officers must be able to deliver
                                                                                   a decisive strike to an up close
                                                                                   adversary and draw while fighting.

                                                                                   fire in his defense. Doss explains
                                                                                   that these observations were never
                                                                                   meant to be translated into a hard
                                                                                   and fast rule.
                                                                                      We owe Dennis Tueller for
                                                                                   restructuring our original view of
                                                                                   officer safety. His observations
                                                                                   demonstrated a need for officers to
                                                                                   heighten their sense of awareness
                                                                                   when the 21-foot standoff distance
                                                                                   is breached, which is just about any

Fighting in the hole                                                               time an officer makes contact with
                                                                                   any member of the public during
                                                                                   the normal course of duty.

S      tatistically, an officer is
       most likely to have to make
a lethal force decision at contact
                                            quickly applies the best template
                                            will prevail.
                                               For insight on fighting in the
                                                                                      Officers knock on doors, talk
                                                                                   to people in doorways, run people
                                                                                   for warrants and have normal
distance more than any other                hole, we contacted Wes Doss of         conversations while they are just a
moment. The problem is, there is            Khyber Interactive Associates          few feet away. Based on what we
often a training disconnect when            LLC. Doss also serves as the train-    know about violent encounters
it comes to preparing officers for          ing director of Crimson Trace          against law enforcement officers,
these incidents. “Fighting in the           Corp. According to Doss, Dennis        most training programs designed
hole” refers to the use of force            Tueller made some astute observa-      to respond to assaults are distinct
at extreme close quarters, within           tions about reaction times within      from actual reality.
a circle no wider than an arm               21 feet between officer and assail-       From 1996 to 2005 there w
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