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									                                                                                      Natural Life
                               Being Part of the Solution                             Life Learning and Natural Child
                                     As I write this, the world economy is sputter-     November/December 2008
                                ing, financial markets are on a wild rollercoaster            Subscription Rates
                                ride, people are dying from food contamination,       To the United States (in US dollars)
                                                                                       1yr Personal $30       4yr Personal $102
                                soldiers are fighting on an increasing number of       2yr Personal $57       5yr Personal $120
                                fronts, politicians in the US and Canada are           3yr Personal $81       1yr Library $36
                                mindlessly throwing about promises worth bil-         To Canadian Provinces of NB, NL & NS
lions of dollars. News junky that I am, I am threatening to retreat under a me-        (in CDN dollars, including HST)
dia-less rock for awhile, just to calm my nerves and prepare for whatever              1yr Personal $33.90 4yr Personal $115.26
comes next. This is a time when it’s easy to be afraid for the future. It’s easy to    2yr Personal $64.41 5yr Personal $135.60
get exasperated about what isn’t being done about climate change, which sci-           3yr Personal $91.53 1yr Library $40.68
entists agree is the single most important threat facing humanity today. It’s         To the Other Provinces in Canada
easy to be cynical about the fact that governments seem to be finding billions of      (in CDN dollars, including GST)
                                                                                       1yr Personal $31.50 4yr Personal $107.10
dollars to prop up some financial services companies that made bad decisions           2yr Personal $59.85 5yr Personal $126.00
but say our economy can’t afford carbon caps or to protect our food supply.            3yr Personal $85.05 1yr Library $37.80
    But we need to keep our cool. We also need to remember that politicians           To Australia (in AU dollars)
and stock traders are not the solution. (Many would argue that they are part of        1yr Personal $50       4yr Personal $180
the problem!) Solving these problems isn’t going to be easy; radical change            2yr Personal $95       5yr Personal $215
seldom is. Aside from what governments and corporations may or may not do,             3yr Personal $140      1yr Library $66
many of the solutions are in the form of small, determined steps already being        To New Zealand (in NZ dollars)
taken by individuals, small businesses, communities. And those of us who are           1yr Personal $60      4yr Personal $215
part of the solution should find it easier to live through the coming times, pre-      2yr Personal $116     5yr Personal $260
                                                                                       3yr Personal $167     1yr Library $80
cisely because of what we’re learning by taking those small, determined steps.
                                                                                      To the United Kingdom (in Pounds)
    Some of the solutions are at least as old as Natural Life, which turns 32
                                                                                       1yr Personal £22      4yr Personal £78
years old with this issue, and which is one of those small, determined steps.          2yr Perso
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