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									           Industry Update                  Noteworthy developments impacting the kitchen and bath market

                                                                                                Masco to Close                            The plant is expected to resume
                                                                                                                                          its usual production schedule on
                                                                                                Adrian, MI Facility                       February 1, 2009.
                                                                                                Adrian, MI — The Masco Builder
                                                                                                Cabinet Group, the manufacturer
                                                                                                of Merillat and Quality Cabinets, is
                                                                                                                                          Acryline Consolidating
                                                                                                consolidating manufacturing opera-        U.S., Canadian Operations
                                                                                                tions and will close its Adrian, MI       Lyster, Quebec — Acryline Custom
                                                                                                factory, the founding plant for the       Bathing Systems has announced
                                                                                                Merillat brand.                           the consolidation of the company’s
                                                                                                   The closure, set for the second        U.S. and Canadian facilities.
                                                                                                quarter of 2009, will be accom-              The consolidation, effective last
                                                                                                panied by the conversion of the           month, represents “an incredible
                                                                                                company’s Mt. Sterling, KY factory        opportunity to ensure our commit-
           Author and organization expert Julie Morgenstern gave a special presentation         from the Quality Cabinets brand to
           about organizational trends in the kitchen at a recent Bosch product event, held                                               ment to continue to provide quality
                                                                                                Merillat brand cabinets, effective        bathing systems to the industry,”
           at the Bosch showroom in Brooklyn (DUMBO), NY. Morgenstern addressed how
           flexible appliance sizes and capacities can help facilitate better organization and   Feb. 1, 2009, MBCG officials said.         said president Steve Deland.
           space planning, illustrating these trends with three new Bosch products which           Both moves are related to efforts         Acryline baths are produced
           were spotlighted at the event: Linea Refrigeration, Ascenta Dishwashers and          to reduce costs in the face of con-       at the company’s manufacturing
           the Nexxt Laundry system.                                                            tinued housing declines.                  facility in Lyster, Quebec, and “with
                                                                                                   “Over the past several years,          manufacturing and technical sup-
                                                                                                we’ve worked hard to reduce costs,”       port located in Canada, we deter-
                                                                                                said Karen Strauss, MBCG presi-           mined that it’s both economically
                                                                                                dent. “Given the unprecedented de-        and structurally more beneficial to
                                                                                                cline in new construction, however,       relocate our corporate headquar-
                                                                                                more action is necessary.”                ters to the plant,” observed William
                                                                                                   The closure, Strauss added, “is        Tennant, Acryline CEO.
                                                                                                no reflection on the caliber of work          “While we will [have] a U.S.
                                                                                                nor the quality of the workforce.         presence with [our] satellite offices,
                                                                                                Rather, it is solely driven by dete-      we’re excited to offer enhanced
                                                                                                riorating market conditions.”             productivity, technical support and
                                                                                                   The Adrian factory opened in 1953      customer service with relocation to
                                                                                                and has 330 full-time salaried and        our manufacturing facility,” he said.
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