Cristal Union Acquires Stake in Burgundy

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					                                                                                                                            Hi news            07
Integrated Range from Rousselot                                               Natural African and Tropical Products
                                                                              Starlight Products, set up in 1997,
At HiE 2008, Rousselot (Stand G013) will present original applications for
                                                                              is a specialized international trading
its Rousselot/Peptan hydrolyzed collagens and their health and beauty
                                                                              company offering botanicals, natural
benefits. Specialists from the food and nutrition industries will also
                                                                              raw materials and ingredients. Part
be offering sugar- and fat-reduced gelatin-based recipes that are rich
                                                                              of the IRANEX Group, the company
in flavour and texture. The acquisition of Peptan Products GmbH has
                                                                              has a long tradition of supplying
enabled Rousselot to increase its range and present it in an integrated
                                                                              high quality raw materials, such
manner. Depending on its particular characteristics (raw material/
                                                                              as natural resins and balsams,
molecular weight), each Rousselot/Peptan Hydrolyzed Collagen product
                                                                              natural waxes, water-soluble gums,
is now, more than ever, able to meet the technical and organoleptic
                                                                              hydrocolloids, oils, fats and butters,
requirements of nutrition, beauty or health specialists. Reflecting its
                                                                              and aromatic and medicinal plants.
new rank and dynamism in the nutrition, beauty and health markets,
                                                                              Thanks to continuous efforts to
Rousselot will not just be presenting fruit flavoured health and beauty
                                                                              develop new products and origins,
cocktails (Healthy Bone Smoothie, Superfruit me, Young and Beautiful
                                                                              Starlight is glad to expand its
and Dream Slim) but will also be unveiling original applications for its
                                                                              collaboration with partners operating
hydrolyzed collagens linked to their health and beauty benefits:
                                                                              in the food, beverage, nutraceutical,
   Hydrolyzed Collagens for Nutrition (97% pure protein) provide
                                                                              cosmetic, pharmaceutical and
nutritional benefits and play an important role in weight management
                                                                              perfumery industries, and meeting
   Hydrolyzed Collagens for Beauty, the same as human skin collagen,
                                                                              their expectations regarding
contribute to a smooth and glossy skin
                                                                              botanical products and ingredients. Starlight’s resources are derived from a
   Several studies have shown that a 10 g/day supplement of hydrolyzed
                                                                              unique network of subsidiaries, affiliated partners, producers and collectors
collagens preserves the health of bones and joints.
                                                                              in Sub-Saharan Africa, East Africa, Austral Africa, South East Asia, Latin
   In addition, because of its texturizing and emulsifying properties,
                                                                              America and the Mediterranean region, with several sources being dedicated
gelatin makes it possible to manufacture sugar- and fat-reduced foods
                                                                              to Organic Certified products and projects. Collaborations with many rural
and drinks, and thus meet current consumer demand. Rousselot will
                                                                              communities from selected regions are undertaken with respect to the
demonstrate several varieties of its Geleese, low fat cheese-based
                                                                              environment and local traditions, ensuring the sustainable development of
specialties for aperitifs that are particularly smooth and tasty. Rousselot
                                                                              these projects (
looks forward to meeting you
Description: The company has launched a number of innovative concepts, backed up by clinical studies and patents. These include iridoforce for the treatment of arthritis, eyesberry for eye health and utirose for urinary infections. Burgundy is one of the leading providers of grape derivatives such as polyphenols and extracts from tea, soya beans, cocao and fruits.
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