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									software as a service

Can you imagine an efficient supply chain without the Internet?

F         or decades, supply chain and
          logistics managers have blamed
          a lack of useful information for
inefficiencies in their operations. “If only we
had up-to-date and real-time knowledge
                                                  particularly retailing and business-to-
                                                  consumer operations. Logistics operations
                                                  — always a conservative area of business
                                                  — have often been slow to endorse and
                                                  embrace the worldwide web. However,
                                                                                                  history, and the same concept applies
                                                                                                  whether integrated or disparate systems
                                                                                                  are involved. Web developments such as
                                                                                                  SaaS and On-Demand mean that most
                                                                                                  legacy systems (apart from unique ones),
of what is happening out there, we would          logistics Software as a Service (known as       large in-house servers, data centres and
be able to run a world-class operation            SaaS or On-Demand) has passed the early         software developments will become a
with matching customer service.” There            adopters stage and logistics operators are      thing of the past. Communications will be
is now no need for this ‘if only’ approach.       amongst the biggest beneficiaries in this       seamless between all extended supply
The Internet has made real-time event             new web-based information world.                chain partners.
management a reality — and leading                   It is only recently that we have witnessed
organizations are dramatically improving          a change in the way the web can be used         Get Social
their efficiency by taking advantage of           to provide software services, as opposed        Many developments for web-based
web-based software solutions.                     to a technology for exchanging information      business solutions have followed
   It is impossible to imagine running a          for on-premises software. Most managers         consumer technologies. The next big
supply chain without telephones, faxes or         would agree that key to supply chain            move in this direction is the development
e-mail. But, just suppose you were totally        integration and efficiency are collaboration    of busin
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