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									                                               The Initial
                                               Approach Fix
        n FY08, we lost six Navy and Marine Corps personnel and 17 aircraft in aviation mishaps. Each loss had causes, and every cause was
        preventable. Naval aviation can do better; we must do better. While the overall, long-term trend in mishaps continues to show improvement,
        we must stay focused on managing risks, and we must have engaged and proactive leadership.
    This past year, we saw a trend where about a third of our mishaps involved aircraft hitting objects. Included were BASH, CFIT and midair
    mishaps. About 40 percent of our mishaps had some material failures; however, many of these could have resulted in hazreps, versus mishaps,
    if handled properly. Human error still ranks as our No. 1 problem, with 60 percent of all mishaps having some kind of aircrew error.
    Using the human-factors analysis and classification system (HFACS), we started a historical-mishap analysis by community, and the preliminary
    results are being shared with aviation leadership. Also, the HFACS portion of the aviation module for mishap reporting nearly is complete. This
    information will allow automated, human-factors analysis of naval-aviation mishaps. The policy for investigating and reporting mishaps soon will
    shift from the “who, what, why” format to the HFACS model.
    In addition to aviation-mishap rates, the statistics section of our website includes mishap data from on- and off-duty activities. Visit the site at:—Capt. Ed “Clyde” Langford, director of aviation-safety programs.

    The Maintainer’s Role in Aviation Safety.
    This issue’s lead story features an article by Cdr. Bert Ortiz, our aircraft-maintenance and material division head. His passion for aviation
    maintenance and support for the Sailors and Marines who work on aircraft makes him a solid advocate for junior officers to be a part of the
    maintenance team.
    Safety Awards
    Submissions for CY08 safety award
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