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									 The Navy & Marine Corps Aviation Safety Magazine
                      November-December 2008, Volume 53 No. 6

                                                                                                                     C O N
       RADM Arthur Johnson                         Commander, Naval Safety Center
 Col. Mark W. Vanous, USMC                         Deputy Commander
              John Mahoney                         Head, Communications and Marketing
         Naval Safety Center        (757) 444-3520 (DSN 564) Dial the following
                                    extensions any time during the greeting
                   Publications Fax (757) 444-6791

                                     Approach Staff
                                 Jack Stewart      Editor and Distribution
                                   Allan Amen
                                                   Ext. 7257
                                                   Graphics, Design & Layout                                    3. The Maintenance Department and You, the Aviator
                            Capt. Ed Langford
                                                   Ext. 7248
                                                   Aviation Safety Programs
                                                                                                                By Cdr. Bert Ortiz
                     Ext. 7225                                                    Our maintenance officer shares his perspective on what
                           Kimball Thompson
                                                   EA, Aviation Safety Programs
                                                   Ext. 7226
                                                                                                                he calls “the best job in the Navy.”
                           Cdr. John Klemenc       Aircraft Operations Division
                    Ext. 7203
                            Cdr. Bob Standley
                                                   Aircraft Mishap Investigation Division
                                                   Ext. 7236                                                    9. Two Down, Two to Go
                            Cdr. Kevin Brooks      Aeromedical Division                                         By Lt. Mark Yedlowski
                 Ext. 7268
                             Cdr. Allen McCoy      ORM Division                                                 An Orion crew deals with multiple-engine shutdowns.
                     Ext. 7266
                               Cdr. Duke Dietz     Culture Workshop
                      Ext. 7212
                                                                                                                12. Cleared on the Left, Starting the Left
                                                                                                                By Ltjg. Robert Stochel
                                          Analysts                                                              They were ready for engine start, so they thought.
                            Cdr. John Klemenc      NATOPS/WESS Program Manager
                    Ext. 7203
                            Leslee McPherson
          Maj. Mark “Duke” Budde, USMC
                                                   Ext. 7245
                                                   FA-18A/B/C/D, F-16, F-5, T-38
                                                                                                                21. Faces That Always Will Remain
                      Ext. 7217                                                    By LCdr. Ryan Dunn
                             LCdr. Paul Wilson     P-3, EP-3, C-130, KC-130, C-40, C-9, E-6B, P-8               A humanitarian-assistance, disaster-relief (HADR)
                   Ext. 7214
               LCdr. James “Moose” Haas            C-12, C-20, C-26, C-35, C-37, T-6, T-34, T-44                operation gave this crew a moment in time they’ll never
             LCdr. Jason “Grease” Domzal
                                                   Ext. 7206
                                                   EA-6B, T-2, T-39, T-45
                    Ext. 7224

                                                                                                                24. Old Tales from the Crypt
       Maj. Scott “Atis” Nicholsen, USMC           AV-8B, F-35, ARSAG, NVD
                 Ext. 7216
                         Lt. Angela Domingos       E-2, C-2, S-3, UAV
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