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									Biotech Companies Urge Ties to Academia, Government
                                                      need qualified people in quality assurance, lab    in each of them, Socolow said. The WIRED               securities and commodities brokers, who
                  By Shankar P.
                                                      research and product development, against          grants are to create work opportunities in             took home an average $147,000 in 2006, the
                                                      the backdrop of a regulatory regime that is        biosciences for under-represented youth                report says.
INDUSTRY, ACADEMIA AND government                     perceived to be more stringent than before.        through industry and academic clusters,                     For New Jersey to fill more of the life sci-
need to work together more closely to supply               Socolow said a major initiative under         among other efforts.                                   ences career openings, educators have to
                        the state’s life sciences     way is to leverage a $5 million grant                   The gains for job seekers are generous            enthuse and direct more students to those
PHARMACEUTICAL companies with the                     received by Hunterdon, Mercer, Mid-                in the life sciences industry, with compensa-          options, said Jane Oates, executive director of the
talent they need, David Socolow, the state’s          dlesex, Monmouth and Somerset counties             tion last year averaging $126,130 annually             New Jersey Commission on Higher Education.
commissioner for labor and work force devel-          under the federal WIRED program, or                (up from $122,000 in 2006), according to a                  “Psychology was the number-one sub-
opment, told a BioTalent Forum conference at          Workforce Innovation in Regional Econom-           survey by the HealthCare Institute of New              ject New Jersey’s students majored in” in
Raritan Valley Community College last week.           ic Development.                                    Jersey that William R. Healey, its executive           2008, she said. “We have to change that. If
     Executives from Johnson & Johnson,                    New Jersey has received two similar           vice president, referred to at the conference.         you want to change that, major in math or
ImClone, LifeCell and Medarex said in a panel         grants, and Gov. Jon S. Corzine has                Pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry              hard sciences.” ◆
discussion at the conference that they mostly         approved investing an additional $500,000          compensation levels ranked second only to                                 E-mail to

                                                                                                         seem extremely questionable,” he said. “We’re          get private capital involved in owning infra-
RAIL Plan Could Include Collecting Tolls, Annual Fee                                                     not just talking about a big skyscraper. We are        structure we already built and paid for,” Wis-
➤➤ Continued    from page 5                                                                              talking way above that.”                               niewski said. “A lot of people, including myself,
                                                                                                               But Wisniewski said an investment in a rail      said, ‘If it’s already paid for, why are we giving
      NJ Transit, the lead agency in the tunnel       and the Province of New Brunswick that was         tunnel between New Jersey and Manhattan is             somebody else an opportunity to profit from
project, said it’s too late to pursue a public-pri-   built by private investors between 1993 and        “one of the sure bets” for an investor in this         it?’ A public-private tunnel project would be
vate partnership now that planning and fund-          1997. The private entity, called Strait Crossing   economy. “For those looking for places to invest       private capital to build something new.”
ing for the rail line is nearly complete. “We         Development Inc., now charges tolls and col-       their money, one thing is sure — trains will con-            The rail tunnel, which is planned to con-
can’t go back to start that kind of framework         lects an annual fee from Canada’s federal gov-     tinue to go under the Hudson,” Wisniewski said.        nect New Jersey and New York Penn Station, is
now,” said Paul Wyckoff, senior director of           ernment until 2032, when the federal govern-             Wisniewski acknowledged that the pub-            expected to increase the number of trains shut-
public affairs for the tunnel project at NJ Tran-     ment would take over the bridge.                   lic-private partnership is similar, in some ways,      tling between the states at rush hour from 23 to
sit. “We are too far along.”                                “Why can’t we do that?” Wisniewksi said.     to Gov. Jon S. Corzine’s doomed plan earlier           48 per hour, taking more cars off the roads.
      Wisniewski said the state could begin                 “One challenge can be finding an             this year to “monetize” the toll 
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