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									                                                                                      760        inform November 2008, Vol. 19 (11)
   about lipids                                 Meet Diliara Iassonova
   on the web                                   Diliara Iassonova, who trained as a phy-
   Joe Endres                                   sician in her native russia, remembers
   i have written about Bill christie’s         that her interest in science began ear-
   website ( in          ly. Very early, in fact, when—at age
   a previous iTs article. Bill has added       5—she was taken to an archeological
                   a blog to his website. I     museum. upon returning to her daycare
                   invite those of you who      center, she decided to mount an arche-
                   are interested in lipid      ological excavation in the yard to find
                   chemistry to visit his       medieval treasures.
                   blog on a regular ba-             Since that time, the 2008 Honored Stu-
                                                dent’s scientific pursuits have increased in
                   sis. Catherine Watkins       sophistication. In fact, by the time inform
                   of the inform staff point-   goes to press, she hopes to have success-
                   ed out to me recently        fully defended her doctoral dissertation,
                                                which involves decreasing the atheroscle-
   that Bill mentions Genamics Journal-         rotic index of milk.
   Seek ( genamics           “During my education in medical
   JournalSeek is the largest completely        school in Russia, I was planning on becom-
                                                ing a cardiologist,” she said. “While study-
   categorized database of freely avail-        ing for this specialty, I became particularly
                                                                                                2008 Honored Student Diliara Iassonova
   able journal information available on        interested in the treatment of atherosclero-
                                                sis and coronary heart disease—the med-         worked with Earl Hammond, the noted lip-
   the Internet.                                                                                id researcher. Not every memory she has
                                                ical conditions that represent the leading
        The database presently contains                                                         of the estimable Hammond, however, in-
                                                causes of death in developed countries. It
   94,049 titles. Journal information in-                                                       volves research.
                                                is a well-known fact that the main cause
   cludes the description (aim and scope),      of these conditions is an unhealthful diet,”         “For Dr. Hammond’s 77th birthday,”
   journal abbreviation, journal home-          she continued, “and it did not take me long     she recalled, “I made a cake and put 77
   page link, subject directory, and ISSN.      to realize that changing dietary habits and     candles on it. Since it was a surprise party
   Searching this information allows the        preventing heart disease are at least as im-    without a set starting time, however, he did
   rapid identification of potential jour-      portant as developing new diagnostic and        not arrive until after the candles and icing
   nals to publish your research in, and        treatment methods. This is among the main       melted. Which means we all ate cake cov-
   provides a tool for finding new jour-        reasons why I chose to pursue my graduate       ered with candle wax.”
   nals of interest in your fi eld. Journal-    degree in the area of lipid chemistry.”              The work that Iassonova presented at
   Seek does not contain articles or                                                            the 99th AOCS Annual Meeting & Expo in
   abstracts, and Genamics does not op-          “I am a very happy person.                     May 2008 involves the biological conver-
   erate as a subscription agent.                                                               sion of glycerol into oil.
        I did a search for “fats and oils”
                                                      I had amazing scientific                       “The oleaginous yeast Cryptococcus
   and very quickly a table listing poten-         and personal experiences                     curvatus was able to grow, synthesize, and
                                                                                                accumulate triacylglycerols in lipid bodies
   tial journals, including the Jour
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