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									          inform November 2008, Vol. 19 (11)         753

     lEsliE Raymond waTkins                         neutralization system to curtail the se-          In a joint statement, Ed Lusas and
     Les Watkins, a 40-year AOCS member,            vere corrosion of heat exchangers and        Walter Farr said, “Les . . . relied confi-
     died at the age of 80 in College Station,      piping that was found to occur with this     dently on his problem solving, engineer-
                        Texas, USA, on October      procedure. This system, perfected in col-    ing, and people skills to better the oil-
                        4, 2008.                    laboration with Walter Farr, eventually      seeds processing industry. Few people
                             He received a B.S.     was installed at most US oil extraction      have left stronger marks on our industry
                        in electrical engineering   plants.                                      than Les Watkins.”
                        from A&M College of               Watkins believed he was the first to                                    –Ed Lusas
                        Texas (now Texas A&M        apply expanders to US domestic oilseeds                                and Walter Farr
                        University) in 1948. Af-    processing. In the late 1970s, a machine
                        ter serving with the U.S.   then used in soybean processing in Bra-
                        Army, he joined Ander-      zil was brought to the United States and
     Watkins            son, Clayton Company        installed in AC’s Thorndale, Texas, cot-     RoBERT anTHony cuRRiE
                        (AC), where he worked       tonseed extraction plant. Throughout         Robert A. Currie, of Edmonton, Alberta,
     for over 37 years as a technical director      AC, and later at the Center, expanders       Canada, passed away on July 28, 2008, at
     of oil milling, focusing mainly on cotton-     were shown to improve solvent drainage       the age of 71.
     seed and soybean extraction. He worked         of the marc and reduce evaporation en-            He received his Bachelor of Sci-
     with eight oil mills in Mexico for 15          ergy requirements; increase oil recovery;    ence degree from St. Patrick’s College
     years, then returned to corporate head-        bind gossypol in cottonseed meal; lower      (now part of the University of Ottawa)
     quarters in Houston in 1966
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