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					 In Memoriam                                                                     752       inform November 2008, Vol. 19 (11)

                                            people News/
 JOhN E. MOrrEN, Sr.
 John E. Morren Sr. of Smithville, Ten-
 nessee, USA, died on June 15, 2008,

                                            Inside AOCS
 at the age of 79. He joined AOCS in
 1956 and at his death was an emeri-
 tus member.
      During his professional life he
 was variously a technical director
 in the chemical division of HumKo
 in Memphis, Tennessee, and Cham-           Tilman receives                               ing: president, Ashok Sethia; vice presi-
                                                                                          dent, Parvez H. Kader; secretary, Sushil
 paign, Illinois; vice president of Ac-
 me-Hardesty Company, Jenkintown,           International prize                           Goenka; and treasurer, Vijay Data. Zonal
                                                                                          chairpersons included: central, Rajendra
 Pennsylvania; president of John Mor-
 ren, Inc.; and process manager for
                                            for Biology                                   Maheshwari; west, Bipin Patel; south,
                                                                                          Anand Menon; north, Anil Modi; and
 C&T Refinery, first in Charlotte,          David Tilman, Regents Professor of Ecol-      east, Sushil Agarwal. Kader and Menon
 North Carolina, then Quincy, Illinois.     ogy at the University of Minnesota, USA,      are members of AOCS.
 He is survived by his wife, Tommye,        was named the 2008 recipient of the Inter-
 six children, 14 grandchildren, and
 three great-grandchildren.
                                            national Prize for Biology. He will receive
                                            a medal, a cash prize of $100,000, and a      Changes at Dupont
                                            gift from Emperor Akihito of Japan in To-                      On October 1, Ellen J.
                                            kyo on December 8.
 THEodoRE J. ZwolanEk                             He was selected for his work show-
                                                                                                           Kullman became pres-
 Theodore Zwolanek, an AOCS mem-                                                                           ident and director of
                                            ing that biodiversity makes ecosystems                         DuPont (E.I. duPont de
 ber since 1956, died in Chicago, Illi-     more productive and resistant to drought,
 nois, USA at the age of 89 on Febru-                                                                      Nemours and Company,
                                            disease, and pests. More recently, he pub-                     Wilmington, Delaware,
 ary 25, 2008. In his professional life,    lished data showing that biofuels created
 he worked as a research chemist for                                                                       USA). She will also be-
                                            from diverse prairie grasses are more ef-                      come chief executive
 Durkee-Glidden in the Chicago area.        ficient and environmentally friendly than                      officer as of January 1,
 During that time, his name appeared        biofuel made from food crops.
                                                                                           Kullman         2009. She is replacing
 on patents dealing with the produc-
                                                                                                           Charles O. Holliday,
 tion and properties of hard butters.
      Zwolanek enlisted in the US           new o
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