Renewable energy exceeds 10% of US energy production

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					  America since 1995, and has 16
                                                                                738        inform November 2008, Vol. 19 (11)
  projects under construction.
  PetroSun, Inc., of Scottsdale, Ari-          n Alternative fuel credit. This was        ported (Science 322:417–421, 2008) con-
  zona, USA, has agreed with Shang-       extended three months, to December 31,          version of sugar into fuel by adding a solid
  hai Jun Ya Yan Technology Develop-      2009. It applies to, for example, a manure-     catalyst to an aqueous sugar solution, lead-
  ment Company, Ltd. to develop a         to-energy process resulting in compressed       ing to the formation of an organic oil-like
  commercial-scale algae farm sys-        or liquefied gas.                               solution floating on top of the water. The
  tem pilot facility in the People’s           n Plug-in hybrids. These are en-           oil layer contains acids, alcohols, ketones,
  Republic of China. Shanghai Jun         couraged by a $2,500 tax credit per vehi-       and cyclics—or “functional intermediates.”
  Ya Yan will provide $40 million to      cle, plus $417 per kilowatt hour the battery    These molecules are fuel precursors.
  build and equip the algal farm. In-     can store. The credit is capped as a function         Unlike petroleum, plant sugars con-
  tended products include biodiesel       of the weight of the vehicle.                   tain equal numbers of carbon and oxygen
                                               n Carbon sequestration credit. CO2         atoms, making it difficult to create high-
  and ethanol.
                                          sequestration in a secure geological storage    octane or -cetane fuels. By removing al-
       Profits will be split 50:50 be-
                                          site generates a $20/metric ton credit. CO 2    most all of the oxygen atoms, the remain-
  tween the two companies, and Pet-
                                          used to enhance oil or gas recovery earns a     ing reactive oxygen-containing molecules
  roSun China will manage opera-                                                          can be “upgraded” into different forms of
                                          $10/metric ton credit.
  tions for PetroSun Inc.                      According to the October 10 issue of       fuel. Dumesic’s team has demonstrated
       PetroSun, Inc. is a diversified    Biofuels Digest, an online daily biofuels       three such upgrading processes.
  energy company with technology          newsletter (see:              In a UW press release, Dumesic said,
  and operations in the commercial-       blog2/2008/10/10/the-bailout-bill-biofu-        “This is the same fuel we’re currently us-
  ization of algae to biofuels.           els-and-you-good-news-for-renewables-           ing, just from a different source. It’s not
                 nnn                      hidden-in-the-pork), the bill removes pre-      something that burns like it—it is it.”
  In a mid-September speech pre-          vious bias toward cellulosic ethanol versus
  sented in Seattle to representa-        green gasoline or green diesel. However,
  tives of Air New Zealand (ANZ),         regarding feedstocks, cellulosic biomass        renewable energy
  Billy Glover, the director for envi-
  ronmental performance for Boeing,
                                          was favored over other forms of waste and
                                          residues. Companies planning to produce         exceeds 10% of uS
  said his company anticipates that
  commercially viable biofuel will be
                                          algae as feedstock for biofuels will not get
                                          credits for CO2 sequestration, whereas util-    energy production
  available for aircraft by 2013.
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