; Certified sustainable palm oil hits the market
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Certified sustainable palm oil hits the market


In August, the UK government's Renewable Fuels Agency confirmed that after an audit of the scheme, suppliers of biofuel made from palm oil can report purchases of GreenPalm certificates as evidence of meeting renewable fuel transport obligations. Sainsbury says the Columbian plantation that supplied it "meets a high standard for sustainable palm oil production which has been endorsed by WWF (World Wildlife Fund)" - a similar strategy to that adopted by The Body Shop.

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									  Briefs                                                                               inform November 2008, Vol. 19 (11)            729

  In October, Indonesia cut the ex-
  port tax on palm oil to 7.5%, down
  from 10% in September, 15% in Au-
                                          News & Noteworthy
  gust, and 20% in July, according to
  the Xinhua news agency. The coun-
  try is forecast to export 13.95 mil-
  lion metric tons (MMT) of crude
  palm oil in 2008 out of a total an-
  nual production of 18.4 MMT, the
  Xinhua report noted. Indonesia,
  which has over 6 million hectares
  of palm oil plantations, plans to ex-
  pand to 8 million hectares by 2010,
  Xinhua said.
  The European Food Safety Author-
  ity (EFSA) is creating a new com-
  mittee to review the safety of ac-
  tive substances used in pesticides.
       Meeting in Paris, EFSA’s Advi-
  sory Forum—which brings togeth-
  er representatives of national food
  safety authorities from across the
  European Union—approved a pro-
  posal to create a Pesticide Steering
  Committee as of October 2008.
  The committee, which will be fully
  operational in January 2009, will be        certified sustainable                         pects to produce about 185,000 MT of
                                                                                            RSPO-certified palm oil annually.
  made up of experts responsible for
  the pesticide risk assessment pro-          palm oil hits the                                   It now hopes to sign contracts to sup-
                                                                                            ply fully segregated palm oil to Unilever,
  cess at the national level as well as
  representatives of EFSA and the
                                              market                                        Danisco, and Swedish vegetable fat pro-
                                                                                            ducer AAK Group. This level of traceabil-
  European Commission (EC).                                                                 ity will allow the firms to market products
                                          This article is reprinted with permission         as containing 100% certified oil under the
                                          from the September 2008 issue (404) of            RSPO criteria and principles.
  The EC formally enacted Commis-
                                          the ENDS Report, the UK journal for envi-               United Plantations is also selling a
  sion Regulation (EC) No 889/2008
                                          ronmental policy and business, at www.end-        smaller slice of the oil with RSPO certifi-
  on September 5, 2008. The regula-
                                          sreport com.                                      cates. This “book and claim” approach is
  tion lays out detailed rules for the
                                                                                            based on creating a world trading market
  implementation of Council Regula-
                                                                                            for RSPO certificates. Producers sell palm
  tion (EC) No 834/2007 on organic
                                              The first trade of palm oil certified under   oil as a commodity in the usual way, but
  production and labeling of organic          the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil’s     for each metric ton of certified palm oil
  products. The complete regulation           sustainability criteria took place in early   they can sell a certificate. Firms buying
  may be found at http://eur-lex.eu-          September. Now eyes are on UK retailers       certificates can claim to support the pro-
  ropa.eu.                                    to beef up earlier commitments on palm        duction of sustainable palm oil.
                  nnn                         oil sourcing.                                       The scheme is executed by Green-
  Cargill has opened a sales office in              In August, United Plantations became    Palm, chosen as the official broker by
  Haubourdin, France, for its BiOH ®          the world’s first palm oil producer to be     RSPO. In August, the UK government’s
  line of soy-based polyols used in           certified against the Roundtable on Sus-      Renewable Fuels Agency confirmed that
  manufacturing flexible foam for the         tainable Palm Oil’s (RSPO) criteria. The      after an audit of the scheme, suppliers of
  furniture, bedding, and automotive          first batch of crude palm oil “RSPO certif-   biofuel made from palm oil can report pur-
  industries. The opening of the Eu-          icates” was sold to Danish food manufac-      chases of GreenPalm certificates as evi-
  ropean sales office will be followed        turer Danisco at $50 per metric ton (MT)      dence of meeting renewable fuel transport
  later this year by the opening of a         one week later.                               obligations.
  $22 million plant in Chicago (USA),          
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