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									                                                                                             714       inform November 2008, Vol. 19 (11)

 Editor-in-Chief Emeritus:
 James B.M. Rattray

 Contributing Editors:
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 Rajiv Arora
 W.E. Artz
                    Anu Hopia
                    Y.-S. (Vic) Huang
                                                                          December                    York Hilton, New York City, USA. In-
 Jane M. Block      S.P. Kochhar
                                                            December 3–5. Science and the Emerg-
                                                                                                             January 2009
 Scott Bloomer      Gary List
 Peter Clough       Keshun Liu                              ing Bioeconomy for Executives, Hyatt
 Eduardo Dubinsky   Robert Moreau                           Regency Scottsdale Resort and Spa
 Joseph Endres      D.J. Murphy                             and Gainey Ranch, Scottsdale, Arizona,    January 18–21. Second Internation-
 Andrea Cisneros    Willem van                              USA. Information:      al Conference on Biomolecular Engi-
   Estevez             Nieuwenhuyzen                        ExecEd.                                   neering, Fess Parker Doubletree Hotel,
 Walter E. Farr     Brent Sorensen                                                                    Santa Barbara, California, USA. Infor-
 Frank Gunstone     T. Thiagarajan                          December 7–11. Consumer Special-          mation:
                                                            ty Production Association 95th Annu-
 Editorial Advisory Board:                                  al Meeting, Marriott Harbor Beach Re-     January 27–31. Soap and Detergent
 Michael F. Cox      Robert Moreau                          sort and Spa, Fort Lauderdale, Florida,   Association Annual Meeting and Indus-
 Michael Eskin       Hans Nieuwenhuis                       USA. Information:           try Convention, Boca Raton Resort &
 Thomas Foglia       Fereidoon Shahidi                                                                Club, Boca Raton, Florida, USA. Infor-
 Michael Haas        Bernard Szuhaj                         December 8–10. 26th Annual World          mation:
 Lawrence Johnson    Ralph Timms                            Methanol Conference, Four Seasons         ings.
 Arnis Kuksis                                               Hotel Ritz, Lisbon, Portugal. Informa-
                                                            tion: phone: +1-281-531-4660; fax: +1-    January 28–30. Final Conference
 AOCS Officers:                                             281-531-0995; e-mail: conferences@        of the 6th Framework Programme
 President: Casimir Akoh, The University of       ;       MAC-Oils (Mapping and Compar-
   Georgia, Athens, GA, USA
                                                                                                      ing Oils), Rome, Italy. Information:
 Vice President: Ian Purtle, Cargill, Minne-
                                                            December 10–14. International Soy-
   tonka, MN, USA
                                                            bean Processing and Utilization Con-
 Secretary: Steven Hill, Kraft Foods, Inc.,
   Glenview, IL, USA                                        ference-V, Central Institute of Agri-     January 31–February 1. Biodiesel Short
 Treasurer: Timothy Kemper, Desmet Bal-                     cultural Engineering, Bhopal, India.      Course for Plant Engineers, Chemists
   lestra North America, Marietta, GA, USA                  Information: Dr. S.D. Kulkarni, Soybean   and Technicians, San Francisco, Cali-
 Executive Vice President: Jean Wills, AOCS,                Processing and Utilization Centre,        fornia, USA. Information: www.mem-
   Urbana, IL, USA                                          Central Institute of Agricultural Engi-
                                                            neering Nabi Bagh, Bhopal - 462 038,
                                                            Madhya Pradesh, India; phone: +91-
                                                                                                             February 2009
 AOCS Staff:
 Area Manager,                                              755-2730987, 2521061; fax: +91-755-
   Publications:             Jack Wolowiec                  2734016; e-mail (use both to ensure
 Managing Editor:            Jeremy Coulter                 delivery), ispuc.v@       February 1–2. Bioethanol Workshop for
 Associate Editor:           Catherine Watkins    ;               Plant Engineers, Chemists and Techni-
 Technical                                                                                            cians, San Francsico, California, USA. In-
   Projects Editor:          Marguerite Torrey              December 11–12. Society of Cosmetic       formation:
 S&D News Editor:            Brian Moore                    Chemists 2008 Annual Scientific Meet-
                                                            ing and Technology Showcase, New          February 1–4. 2009 National Biodiesel
                                                                                                      Conference & Expo: Leading. Change.
                                                                                                      Now, Moscone Center West, San Fran-
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