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REGARDING THE LETTERS, June 23, page 8 ("Girls and women must learn to dress modestiy, for Jesus' sake," and "What women wear isn't important to Jesus, and shouldn't be to men either"), the first letter took a positive stance on modesty for women- good - but the otiier one left me feeling discouraged.It won't be the poor; they don't have anything. Fiegutii's arguments rested on the assumption that everyone knew the facts about the linkage between poverty and population. It appears that perhaps he assumed too much. That's our shame, not his.WHEN I READ the article "More than a visiting chamber," Sept. 29, page 16, it brought to mind the time I showed a Cadiolic friend around our sanctuary on a weekday evening. He was quiet until he finally said, "It's very . . . plain." It was obviously an underwhelming experience for him.

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