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       Placing Drawings
            are not
        Shop Drawings
                           requirements for early submittal can be detrimental

                                                                    by Dick birley

“Contractor will be required to have engineering such as submittals, shop
drawings, and samples submitted for approval within one hundred (100)
calendar days from written engineering notice to proceed.”

S    tatements similar to this quote from the specifications
     for a new stadium proposed several years ago appear
in many project specifications. In today’s environment
                                                                              other construction trades. In fact, the constraints
                                                                              placed on the production of bar placing drawings may
                                                                              make it impossible to comply with such a contract
of ever-shortening design and construction schedules,                         demand in a manner that’s productive for the detailer
it’s understandable that specification writers feel it’s                      or the contractor.
necessary to impose tight time constraints on the
delivery of shop drawings.                                                    GatheRinG the infoRmation
    Although reinforcing bar placing drawings are often                          There are many items on a construction project that
assigned to the “shop drawings” category, it’s important                      require shop drawings, including structural steel, precast
to note that bar placing drawings are quite different from                    concrete, miscellaneous metal, mechanical and electrical
the fabrication and installation drawings required for                        systems, and finish items such as doors and windows.
                                                                              There is, however, a fundamental difference between
This point of view article is presented for reader interest by the editors.
                                                                              shop drawings for most items and reinforcing bar placing
However, the opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the American
Concrete Institute. Reader comment is invited.                                drawings. Except for relatively minor embedded pieces in
                                                                              concrete, most items detailed in shop drawings are

48   December 2008      / Concrete international
installed as self-contained systems or    the other trades have completed
as attachments to in-place s
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