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Gizzi on Politics Gizzi on Politics John Gizzi Human Events Nov 10 2008


[...] in emphasizing that legislatures in almost every state will draw the new lines for congressional districts after the 2010 census, the "ragin' Cajun" warned: "Anywhere you get two houses of the legislature under Democratic control and a Democratic governor, watch out!" As it turned out, in the 45 states where either a state house or senate or both were up for election last week, the results were a wash and there was relatively little change in which party controls what (See story on Page 6). [...] State Sen. Serph Maltese, one of the early leaders of the Conservative Party and now a registered Republican, lost his Ridgewood-Queens district Maltese was beaten in a hard-fought contest against City Councilman Joseph Addano, Jr., namesakeson of the late U.S. House member (1960-86).

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