; The Ride of a Lifetime
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The Ride of a Lifetime


No one told me that this is what being an atheist would be like. No told me what it was all about. They never said that there'd be times when I'd stop in the middle of the day and just think, "This is the only life I have." They never said there'd be times in high shcool when everyone would look at me for only mouthing "under god," like some sort of insurgent. Or that my mom would snicker, "An atheist? Yeah right!" They never said that people would tell me "don't worry, you'll grow out of it" or "that's what all teenagers say." They never warned that I would be judged, that I would be made to feel ashamed, that I would sometimes wish I just believed in god and heaven and blood and sin to finally end the awkward questions. But they didn't need to tell me.I can answer that one. It is very simple because religion, in every sense, was invented as a means of control. It was actually quite ingenious, so much, in fact, that you'd start applauding if you didn't realize how detrimental it was. But there it is: religion is society's greatest means of control, of telling you "wait until you are older (dead, in fact)," "go ask your mother (i.e., god)," and everything else that restricts the individual's freedom to explore this life to the fullest. Whether it's repressing sexually spry teenagers, being used as a justification by politicians to wage war, oppose a woman's autonomy, or just breed that infectious, useless emotion called guilt, religion is the finest tool a chauvinistic, racist, elitist, totalitarian, civilization could ask for.I mean, as I said before, they call us "sheep" right to our faces. Are we supposed to sit there and take that? I don't know about the rest, but I'm for abandoning this ignorant, depraved, cowardly flock. And, they probably don't want me to say this but, there's no shepherd up there. There's no old wise man leading all you millions to your green pasture. There's only a bunch of old sheep telling you: "step lively, now, no time for thinking, we'

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