; LOS management the path to efficiency
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LOS management the path to efficiency


It's not news that inefficiencies in hospitals prolong patient length of stay (LOS). It is news, however, that tools have become available to identify specific areas of inefficiency, particularly those contributing to excessive LOS, and point the way to more efficient management of patient admissions and care. A hospital's goal in seeking to control LOS to optimize efficiency should be to provide the highest quality patient care possible, and in this sense, it is a mission-critical goal. Undertaking a process to understand the causes of inefficiency related to inpatient hospital admissions and LOS at the all-patient-refined diagnosis-related groups/severity level can help a hospital begin to formulate a strategy for change. Such a process consists of three broad steps: 1. using technology and data to identify benchmarks. 2. turning data into information, and 3. addressing the problems. Studying admissions and LOS is one important means by which hospital administrators can identify inefficiencies and make significant improvements.

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