Precision HMC by ProQuest


At IMTS 2008, Starrag Heckert Corp presented the Super Precision Center (SPC) 7120 SIP HMC. Configured for four-axis machining and described as the first of its kind, the machine is said to routinely achieve 4 micro meter precision and accuracy. The bending and torsion-resistant horizontal main spindle comes with four high-precision bearings and is grease lubricated. Standard features include cleaning of the spindle cone by compressed air during tool changes, blowing out the inner coolant feed line of the tools, and electronic alignment of the spindles for oriented spindle holding. Wet machining is performed at a maximum coolant flow of 30 L/min. Normally equipped with the Sinumerik 840D, the SPC 7120 has an ATC that's designed to reduce nonproductive idle times. Tool changes between chain magazine and main spindle take 8 sec, chip-to-chip.

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