New 3-D Scanners Speed Reverse-Engineering by ProQuest


In an interview, Dan Gustafson, marketing director of NextEngine, talked about the company's 3-D scanning solutions and the current business climate look for their company. Gustafson said that the system offers a set of software tools, including ScanStudio CORE for mesh, ScanStudio PRO for surface, and Rapid Works for solid models, and the scanner is based on patented MultiStripe Laser Triangulation. Their system has three main workflow paths for reverse-modeling from raw scan point-cloud data, including 'Points-to-Mesh,' 'Points-to-Surface,' and 'Points-to-Solid' files. He added that any industry that develops new products and/or reverse models legacy parts needs 3-D scanning. Using surface files from organic or hand-carved shapes can quickly inject 2-D or 3-D design intent into packaging or industrial design applications. Additionally, complex parts that are highly prismatic or have a combination of organic and prismatic shapes, like an F-15 control stick, can be scanned to create a fully editable parametric solid file with parent-child feature tree relationships.

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