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       Around the World With Library Technology
          Exchanging ideas and stories of suc-       to be posted on the IRO Wiki page. The        team at the University of Maryland and
       cessful projects is always helpful for li-    original IRO website provided informa-        the Internet Archive. In addition to ac-
       brarians who are intent on improving li-      tion on activities and projects, awards,      cess to the resources of the ICDL, the
       brary service. A different perspective can    grants, and exchanges; international          site offers “fast facts” on usage statistics,
       be especially beneficial. The internet        associations, organizations, and confer-      videos on the design and development
       makes it easy to learn from other librar-     ences; and library employment and for-        of the ICDL, and information on the dig-
       ians in distant places, and frequently,       eign credentials.                             itization process used by the ICDL, in-
       when I am researching topics for this col-       <           cluding links to technical reports.
       umn, I find references to libraries and li-   al.cfm>                                           <>
       brarians around the world.
                                                     IRO Wiki                                      Perceptions 2007:
       IFLA:The official website                        <>                  An International Survey
       of the International Federation                                                             of Library Automation
       of Library Associations and                   OCLC Global Gateway                              Marshall Breeding is known for his
       Institutions                                     A new entrance to OCLC’s website           Library Technology Guides, which fol-
          IFLA was founded in Edinburgh,             brings together all the regions served        low trends in library automaton. This
       Scotland, in 1927 to represent the in-        by OCLC.                                      particular guide sought to determine
       terests of library and information serv-         <>                the perceptions of libraries concerning
       ices and their users. It considers itself                                                   library automation after the upheaval
       to be “the global voice of the library and    The European Library                          in the industry in 2007. The methodol-
       information profession.” Information              This free service provides access to      ogy used in the survey is presented
       on IFLA and its work is available on          48 national librar
Description: The original IRO website provided information on activities and projects, awards, grants, and exchanges; international associations, organizations, and conferences; and library employment and foreign credentials. IRO Wiki OCLC Global Gateway A new entrance to OCLC's website brings together all the regions served by OCLC. The European Library This free service provides access to 48 national libraries in Europe in 20 languages with both bibliographic and digital resources available to visitors. Visitors to the site can subscribe to a bimonthly electronic newsletter or follow a link to The European Library channel on YouTube. International Children's Digital Library The stated mission of the International Children's Digital Library (ICDL) is to "excite and inspire the world's children to become members of the global community ... by making the best in children's literature available online."
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