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        How 2.0 Technology Can Bring Your Global Team Together

              The Web 2.0 tools

                and services that

                            are making


                  networking, and

               communicating in

                  general so easy

                  are also making

                     group projects

                 seriously simple.

                                                                                                         COMPUTERS IN LIBRARIES
                                                                                                             collaborating across time zones

         ollaboration—the process of      documents are shared and on the inter-      search and Institutional Libraries) 2008
         creating something with more     net, rather than on one person’s com-       conference. If you are working with some-
         than one person involved—is      puter, they are accessible 24/7. This       one from a different region who is a mem-
not new. People have been collaborat-     gives you a huge number of potential col-   ber of a completely different site, you may
ing on written documents, on graphi-      laborators to work with.                    need to make some compromises in the
cal artwork, and on software for years.      As Missouri River Regional Library’s     matter of which platform you use. While
What is new are the amazing tools now     information technology manager, I be-       all three platforms mentioned here have
available that make collaborating with    lieve that the key point with asynchro-     applications that you can install to enrich
people who are next door or six time      nous and cloud-based computing is that      your experience, a quick search of the ap-
zones over just as easy as if they were   everyone needs to decide on a common        plication galleries in all three sites shows
in the same room. The Web 2.0 tools       platform to work on. Once your group        that Facebook offers more in the way of
and services that are making socializ-    has made that decision, the rest of the     applications for collaboration purposes. I
ing, networking, and communicating        collaboration mechanics are easy to         will focus on Facebook’s applications and
in general so easy are also making        work out.                                   how to use them for collaboration here,
group projects seriously simple. With                                                 but keep in mind that you can use other
the judicious use of a few of the popu-                                               networks around the world as perfectly
lar tools that use Web 2.0 technologies                                               acceptable platforms for collaborative
and philosophies, you can collabora-                                                  work, depending on you and your collab-
tively create documents, spreadsheets,                                                orators’ needs.
presentations, websites, project docu-                                                    Even for teams whose members are
mentation, and just about anything                                                    all in roughly the same time zone,
else you can think of while adding the                                                choosing a common chat platform
benefits of distributed computing,                                                    (AIM, Yah
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