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November 2008

                                          VisualCV also

                                          makes it easy
                                                           This Site May Move Your Resume
                                      to share different

                                        versions of your
                                                           to the Top of the Virtual Stack
               Edited by
                                                           by THOMAS PACK   |                      that if they accept multimedia from        content/article/2008/02/10/AR20080
            Loraine Page
                                           resume with                                             the masses, they could face charges        21002134.html).

                                                                    he multimedia resume still     of gender, race, or age discrimination        When you sign up on VisualCV,
                                    different employers.            hasn’t quite caught on. Of     from people they don’t hire. A survey      the site asks a few questions and
                                                                    course, online resumes that    this year by the staffing agency           then, based on your answers, creates
                                                           include video offer obvious benefits    Robert Half International found that       the beginnings of two resumes: a
                                                           for motivational speakers, train-       only 24% of the nation’s 1,000 largest     public one and a private one. The
                                                           ers, models, actors, and others who     companies accept video resumes.            URL for your public one will look like
                                                           want potential employers to see             So when you discover that Visual-      this:
                                                           their performances.                     CV ( lets you add   lets you change
                                                               But some job seekers shouldn’t      video to your work history, you            your privacy settings any time. The
                                                           let employers see them in action.       might not be excited at first. But on      options include the following:
                                                           Consider Yale University student        this site, video is just one of many
                                                                                                                                              • Members: All members can
  Link-Up Digital                                          Aleksey Vayner’s infamous “Impos-
                                                           sible Is Nothing” video resume. Many
                                                                                                   ways to enhance (not replace) your
                                                                                                   traditional, text-based document.            view your resume after they
      is a semimonthly                                     viewers found it unintentionally hi-    VisualCV offers a quick, easy, and           log in to VisualCV.
                                                           larious, and it became an internet      free way to create an elegantly con-       • Internet: Anyone with an
    updated, web-only                                      phenomenon because Vayner gives         cise web-based resume that you can           internet connection can view
                                                           a rambling discourse on how to          enrich not only with video but also          your resume.
      section featuring
                                                           achieve goals, intercut with scenes     with photos, audio, work samples,
                                                                                                                                              • Private: No one can view your
      articles, reviews,                                   of him bench-pressing weights, play-    charts, graphs, presentations, let-
                                                           ing tennis, ballroom dancing, and       ters of recommendation, award cer-           resume unless you explicitly
  and more for savvy                                       karate-chopping bricks (http://en       tificates, white papers, articles by or      share it.
                                                       about you, and other pieces from           • Offline: No one can view your
users and producers
                                                           Nothing_[video_résumé]).                your portfolio.                              resume until you put it back
            of electronic                                      But even if you make a good video       VisualCV also makes it easy to           online. This setting is useful
                                                           resume, some companies won’t look       share different versions of your re-         while you’re editing.
information products                                       at it. Human resource managers          sume with different employers. And
                                                           don’t want to spend hours watching      anyone who looks at your qualifica-           The members and internet set-
           and services.
                                                           videos when they can spend min-         tions can quickly get a detailed picture   tings apply only to your public re-
                                                           utes glancing at text. And they worry   of your experience because pop-ups         sume. Why would you want public
                                                                                                   provide information on the colleges        and private versions? Because they
   Visit Link-Up                                                                                   you’ve attended and the companies          allow you to keep contact info, salary
                                                                                                   you’ve worked for.                         history, and other personal details
                Digital:                                                                                                                      private until you’re ready to share
                                                                                                                                              them with a specific employer.
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