Dow Jones Unveils First Product After Generate Acquisition

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November 2008

                                                                                             and CS4 Master Collection, as well as 13 point products, 14 integrated technologies,
                                                                                             and seven services. The package will help designers and developers work together
                                                                                             easily; it also features improved support for Flash technology.
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                                                                                             Dow Jones Unveils First
                                                                                             Product After Generate Acquisition
                                                                                                 Dow Jones & Co.’s Business and Relationship Intelligence Group released its

         Caspio: DIY Databases                                                               first combined product since acquiring Generate in April. The offering delivers news
                                                                                             analysis, business information, and industry news to business professionals. It also
                                                                                             adds the Dow Jones gClick toolbar to SalesWorks and Companies & Executives

               n these days of doing more with less, Caspio’s Bridge 6.0 gives do-it-your-
               selfers the tools to create their own enterprise databases and web appli-
               cations. The latest enhancements that were introduced to the Bridge of-
         fer users more Web 2.0 capabilities in a secure platform.
             Frank Zamani, founder, president, and CEO, says Caspio’s goal is to “em-
         power business users to create databases, forms, and apps easily and without
         programming.” Caspio took software as a service (SaaS) to an all-new level with
         its platform as a service (PaaS) model. The programming part of the process is
         something the user doesn’t have to worry about. Customers can build applica-
         tions through a point-and-click process for web forms, registration for classes,
         or signups for sweepstakes.
             “When we started out in 2000, there weren’t any tools or programs for do-
         it-yourselfers,” says Zamani. “This usually created quite a backlog in the IT de-
         partment,” so Zamani empowered the individuals to do the job, which has even
         succeeded in lowering development costs, he says. The result has been “better
         access and a richer experience for information seekers.” In fact, Caspio has pow-
         ered more than 150,000 apps on websites for media, government agencies, and
         educational institutions, according to Zamani.

                                                                                             products; makes the Dow Jones gDaily industry newsletter accessible to users of
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