RefChatter Targets Library Uneasiness With IM

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					                                                                                                                                                         InformationToday             39
                                                                                                                                                    November 2008

                                                                                                                                                 phony 3.2.1 and includes
Swets Gateway Opens at Frankfurt Book Fair                                                                                                       tools designed to work with
   Swets Gateway, a direct                                                                                                                       databases such as Oracle,
sales channel for publishers,                                                                                                                    Sybase, Microsoft SQL, and
made its debut at the Frank-                                                                                                                     DB2 SWL. It also offers more
furt Book Fair in mid-October.                                                                                                                   than 100 prewritten reports,
The service helps publishers                                                                                                                     increased flexibility, multiple
sell their content in targeted                                                                                                                   output options, and access to
territories, such as China,                                                                                                                      almost all data stored in Sir-
India, Central and Southeast                                                                                                                     siDynix Symphony.
Asia, and Australasia. The                                                                                                                          Libraries can also pick up
Gateway is based in Swets’                                                                                                                       the company’s SirsiDynix Di-
Singapore office and staffed                                                                                                                     rector’s Station 4.8.1 product,
by locals who have good                                                                                                                          a full-featured analytics
knowledge of the industry                                                                                                                        package that provides cus-
and local markets.                                                                       tomized views of an institution’s activities and operations. The product will help di-
   Source: Swets (www.swets                                                              rectors analyze trends as well as identify problem areas and opportunities. New fea-
.com)                                                                                    tures include easy-to-use charts and tables, user-friendly cube security settings, li-
                                                                                         brary grouping, regional analytics, and private checking, among others.
                                                                                            Source: SirsiDynix (
RefChatter Targets Library Uneasiness With IM
  Altarama Information Systems’ RefChatter is the latest product available in the
company’s suite of integrated products for libraries. The web-based offering allows      Socialtext
                                                       libraries to overcome issues
                                                       that have kept many of them
                                                                                         Upgrades Suite,
                                                       from using instant messaging      Tackles Twitter
                                                       (IM), allowing them to deliver
                                                       online reference services to         Socialtext is offering sev-
                                                       patrons who use IM as their       eral new solutions to its cus-
                                                       preferred communication me-       tomers. First, Socialtext 3.0,
                                                       thod. With RefChatter, refer-     which includes Socialtext Peo-
                                                       ence staffers can chat with one   ple, Socialtext Dashboard, and
                                                       or more patrons from multi-       Socialtext Workspace, is now
                                                       ple queues simultaneously. It     available. The suite’s prod-
                                                       only requires a standard web      ucts let users leverage social
                                                       browser on the library side,      networks, collaborate in shared work spaces, and work with per
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