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November 2008

                                                     internet access “for all,” and he says that
                Legal Issues                         the role of government is to protect con-            Library Stuff Revisited
     (continued from page 17)                        sumers and develop policies that will

      effectiveness of the U.S. Patent and Trade-
      mark Office (USPTO). Both candidates
                                                     “leave consumers free to access the con-
                                                     tent they choose.”
                                                        Obama’s technology platform is sim-
                                                                                                    How Firefox Add-Ons Can
      reportedly agree that the laws governing
      copyright terms need some adjustment
      and that not every copyright needs to be
                                                     ilarly long on rhetoric but leads with his
                                                     stance in favor of Net Neutrality, fol-
                                                     lowed by increasing the diversity of me-
                                                                                                    Get You on the Plane First
      of the same length, although the candi-        dia ownership and preserving the First         by STEVEN M. COHEN   |                         I was a special hero, as my 5-year-old
      dates disagree on the details.                 Amendment. Like McCain, he would                                                              likes to say. In fact, when we proudly took

         Other disagreements emerge when             make the R&D Tax Credit permanent,                   t was the day before my flight back our spot at Nos. 1 to 4, the crowd around
      more specific issues are addressed, such as    but he also pledges to double federal                to New York from West Palm Beach, me asked how I managed to get the sa-
      the patent area and specifically how to en-    funding for both scientific and univer-              Fla. Since I was flying on South- cred spot. Of course, I told them how. Af-
      sure that patents are issued only for valid,   sity-based research, while pledging to         west Airlines, which has no reserved ter all, I’m an educator.
      patentable inventions. Barack Obama pro-       take the “ideological predispositions of       seating, and since I was reluctant to take         I still use ReloadEvery all of the time,
      posed a tiered patent examination process      agency officials or political appointees”      the word of the airline attesting that especially for my clients. When a big news
      that would provide a more rigorous review      out of funding decisions. His platform         families with small children                                 item is expected to hit the
      that would result in a more reliable patent    indicates strong support for education         would have priority, I had to                                wires, I run a few searches on
      at the cost of higher fees to the USPTO.       in the sciences and technology at both         form a plan quickly. I wanted                                the major news engines and
      This “gold-plated” patent would presum-        the K–12 level as well as in college and       to be first in line on our flight                            reload the search results every
      ably reduce postpatent review and liti-        graduate school as a way of recapturing        back to New York.                                            15 seconds or so. As many of
      gation costs for an inventor who was will-     our “leadership in science, technology,            As some of you know, South-                              you know, I am a zealot about
      ing and able to pay the upfront costs.         and innovation.”                               west allows its customers to log                             keeping current and keeping
         John McCain supports more effective                                                        in 24 hours ahead of time and                                my clients up-to-date with
      patent review but opposes a multitiered                                                       “reserve” a spot in line. The                                any issues they need to know
      approach. He questions whether those
                                                     Privacy as a Political Issue                   faster we were able to reserve                               about. If a public company is
      patents that undergo the “normal” re-             Both candidates recognize privacy as        the spot (or four spots in our         Steven M. Cohen       expected to file a big report,
      view would be disdained as being of min-       a political issue in their campaign plat-      case), the earlier we could board                            I’ll go to the SEC page for the
      imal value. His position is that reform-       forms. Specific proposals are rather lack-     and the less anxious my wife and I would filings and set up my add-on. You can do
      ing the USPTO and its review process           ing again in details although both recog-      be. With a little more than 24 hours to go, this with your web email clients as well.
      will provide for more validity to patents      nize the balance between privacy and           I still didn’t have a plan. Sure, I could Even though Gmail seems to retrieve
      for all applicants.                            preserving the First Amendment and the         manually refresh the page by continually your emails instantaneously, I have found
                                                     need to protect children. Obama pledges        pressing F5 every half-second to make that reloading it every 5 seconds helps
                                                     to strengthen privacy protections, “har-       sure I would be first to sign up. (We with the speed.
      Net Neutrality                                 ness the power of technology,” and hold        needed to get to a landing page after
          The candidates also take opposing po-      both government and business account-          plugging in our confirmation number,
      sitions on Net Neutrality. This issue arose    able for privacy violations. McCain out-       and I was now on that page, and it was
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