; While making ratatouille
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While making ratatouille


"Are you going to use hot peppers?" my husband asked as I chopped and sauted zucchini, onions and eggplant for ratatouille. Inwardly I winced at the suggestion. Wouldn't the spicy pepper overtake the gentler flavours of thyme, oregano and basil? I murmured a noncommittal reply. "I hope so," he added before departing the kitchen, leaving me to my musings.The kitchens of our childhoodbustling production centres of sturdy Pennsylvania Dutch meals-never created ratatouille. I'm pretty sure I never saw an eggplant in my mother's kitchen. My fondness for this French stew began a few years ago when an abundance of zucchini and peppers appeared in our farm co-op bin. I settled on a recipe that promised "the best ratatouille" and, after my first attempt, I was inclined to agree. Now each fall, as coloured leaves outdoors reflect the change of seasons, I stir up a huge flavourful pot of purple eggplant, green zucchini, golden onions and red peppers.

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									While making ratatouille
Melissa Miller
Canadian Mennonite; Oct 27, 2008; 12, 21; Docstoc
pg. 10

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