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									                                                                   1384                                                    Oct. 24 / Administration of George W. Bush, 2008

                                                                   States Government. Today I reiterate Amer-                      resume lending. The Federal Deposit Insur-
                                                                   ica’s commitment to the NATO aspirations                        ance Corporation has temporarily guaranteed
                                                                   of Ukraine, Georgia, Bosnia-Herzegovina,                        most new debt issued by insured banks,
                                                                   and Montenegro. The door to NATO mem-                           which will make it easier for these banks to
                                                                   bership also remains open to the people of                      borrow needed money. And the Federal Re-
                                                                   Serbia, should they choose that path. All                       serve is launching a new program to provide
                                                                   these nations treasure the blessings of liberty                 support for commercial paper, a key source
                                                                   because they remember the pain of tyranny.                      of short-term financing for America’s busi-
                                                                   They share NATO’s solemn commitment to                          nesses and financial institutions. These steps
                                                                   defend the free against the unfree, and the                     are beginning to show results, but it will take
                                                                   weak against the strong.                                        time for their full impact to be felt.
                                                                      The lasting strength of the NATO alliance                       In coordination with the United States,
                                                                   is a testament to the enduring power of free-                   many other nations have taken similar steps
                                                                   dom. And the expansion of this alliance will                    to address turbulence in their domestic mar-
                                                                   lead the way to a safer and more hopeful                        kets. This crisis is global in reach and ad-
                                                                   world. On behalf of my fellow citizens, I offer                 dressing it will require further international
                                                                   congratulations to the people of Albania and                    cooperation. So this week, I consulted with
                                                                   Croatia on this historic achievement. May                       leaders from throughout the world and an-
                                                                   your children always honor the struggles you                    nounced that I would convene an inter-
                                                                   endured. May the stories of Albania and Cro-                    national summit in Washington on Novem-
                                                                   atia be a light to those who remain in the                      ber the 15th.
                                                                   darkness of tyranny. And may your example                          This summit will be the first in a series
                                                                   help guide them to a brighter day.                              of meetings aimed at addressing this crisis.
                                                                      It’s now my honor to welcome the Sec-                        The summit will bring together leaders of
                                                                   retary General to the podium. Mr. Secretary                     the G–20 nations, countries that represent
                                                                   General.                                                        both the developed and the developing
                                                                   NOTE: The President spoke at 6:10 p.m. in the                   world. And the summit will also include the
                                                                   East Room at the White House. In his remarks,                   heads of the International Monetary Fund,
                                                                   he referred to Croatia’s Ambassador to the U.S.                 the World Bank, and the Financial Stability
                                                                   Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic; Albania’s Ambassador                  Forum, as well as the Secretary-General of
                                                                   to the U.S. Aleksander Sallabanda; and Macedo-                  the United Nations.
                                                                   nia’s Ambassador to the U.S. Zoran Jolevski. The                   During this summit, we will discuss the
                                                                   transcript released by the Office of the Press Sec-             causes of the problems in our financial sys-
                                                                   retary also included the remarks of Secretary Gen-
                                                                                                                                   tems, review the progress being made to ad-
                                                                   eral de Hoop Scheffer. This item was not received
                                                                   in time for publication in the appropriate issue.               dress the current crisis, and begin developing
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