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									The Treasures of Beethoven                          Meeting Mozart; Vienna, City of Music; A         Illness; A Loyal Friend; The Legacy; In Beet-
John Suchet                                         Musician and his Patrons; Deafness; Eroica       hoven’s Footsteps. There is also a helpful index.
Andre Deutsch                                       Symphony; Pathétique Piano Sonata; Kreutzer          This book is complemented by a single
9780233002163 HB slipcase £30                       Violin Sonata; Beethoven’s Women; Moon-          CD slipped into the first page. The tracks are
                                                    light Sonata; Fifth Symphony; The Opera;         all licensed from EMI Classics and include
     his is a stunning cornucopia of a book,        Pastoral Symphony; Emperor Piano Concerto;       single movements from the Fifth Symphony
T    ideal for lovers of Beethoven of course
but also for lovers of beautifully created
                                                    Immortal Beloved; Family Strife; The Court
                                                    Case; Hammerklavier Sonata; Last Three Piano
                                                                                                     (RLPO/Mackerras), Third Symphony (Phil-
                                                                                                     adelphia/Muti), the Fidelio Overture (Rattle),
books. Littered throughout the pages of this        Sonatas; Missa Solemnis; Choral Symphony;        Missa Solemnis (Giulini), the ‘Moonlight’
outsize testament to the great composer are         Karl’s Revenge; The Late Quartets; The Final     Sonata (Kovacevich) and the Kreutzer Sonata
facsimiles of letters, notes, pages of music                                                         (the Menuhins, Yehudi and Jeremy). These
and other paper based artefacts. Naturally                                                           musicians are all eminent protagonists of
they are all written in German but a full                                                            these works.
translation appears in the opening pages,                                                                The author is a known passionate auth-
again tucked into a little carved envelope.                                                          ority on the life and works of Ludwig van
The whole is protected by a heavyweight                                                              Beethoven, award winning, one-time news-
quality slipcase.                                                                                    reader John Suchet. John has also written the
    Each pink toned, sepia spread has at                                                             Classic FM Friendly Guide to Beethoven and a
least one picture that shines out in vibrant                                                         multi-volume study entitled The Last Master.
colour. The information about Beethoven                                                                  In my view this book represents phenom-
deals with various facets of his life and the                                                        enal value for money, there is just so much to
timescale is chronological ending of course                                                          enjoy.                                         ■
with h
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