; British Youth Opera in Flight
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British Youth Opera in Flight


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									                                               Cav and Pag                                      The Barber of                                       The Magic Flute
                                               ‘A betrayal of opera’                            Seville                                             Glyndebourne’s
                                               by ENO                                           As good as it gets at                               revival loses its
                                                                                                ENO                                                 sparkle

                                               Page 39                                          Page 40                                             Page 42

                          Prokofiev’s The Gambler from                  this was a truly cinematographic production          soloist demonstrated superb musicality and
                          Staatsoper Unter den Linden                   with a multitude of singers, too many to list,       for that reason alone the show was worth a
                                                                        filling the stage and moving naturally. If the       visit. Of the immense cast some singers stood
                          his new production of Prokofiev’s The         plot is rather weak and long-winded there is         out, in particular Vladimir Ognovenko’s greedy
                     T    Gambler by Dmitri Tcherniakov was
                     premiered last April during the Staatsoper Unter
                                                                        also one extra dramatic problem, the action is
                                                                        conversational but not in the Richard Strauss/
                                                                                                                             General, Kristine Opolais’s enigmatic Polina,
                                                                                                                             Misha Didyk’s unpredictable Alexej and espec-
                     den Linden’s Festtage and Daniel Barenboim         Clemens Krauss Capriccio style, alas, no             ially Stefania Toczyska’s overwhelming Babul-
                     has returned to conduct it for the opening of      closing scene for anybody and not much fun           enka. A rarity indeed played and acted at very
                     the opera season. But not even his august pres-    on stage either. At least the appearance of          high level but too little public to give some
                     ence convinced Berliners to fill the theatre.      Babulenka, the rich Aunt who disinherits the         atmosphere. EDUARDO JACOBO BENARROCH
                     Prokofiev wrote the libretto himself but his       ambitious and lecherous General and who
                     Gambler is less tragic than the original by        appears only at the end of Act 2 brings some               British Youth Opera in Flight
                     Dostoievsky, the end of the opera leaves the       sparkle to a rather dull work. But there is
                     spectator non-plussed because of the lack of       Prok
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