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									Celebrated Conductor and Composer

José Serebrier
Talks to Robert Matthew-Walker

   t is an extraordinary fact that in the current   interpretation – an art not often
I  climate of new classical recording projects by
major international companies, a conductor
                                                    encountered these days.” The listener
                                                    cannot but agree: when in his per-
such as the Uruguayan-born José Serebrier has       formances José Serebrier delves beneath
undertaken, with the Royal Scottish National        the surface of the music a whole world
Orchestra in Glasgow, what is hoped will be         of this composer’s creativity is opened
an integral set of the Symphonies of Alexander      up.
Glazunov for the Warner Classics label.                 Music-lovers will hope that the
     A few months ago, José Serebrier recorded      project will not only be ongoing, but
with the Orchestra the Sixth Symphony in C          also will be completed with the very
minor, Opus 58, which was composed in the           rarely encountered single-movement
mid-1890s – no less a figure than Rachman-          Ninth Symphony. Glazunov worked on

                                                                                                                                                             Photo courtesy of José Serebrier
inov prepared the two-piano version – to            this symphony intermittently over the
follow previous issues of the Fourth, Fifth,        final decades of his life – he died in
Seventh and Eighth Glazunov Symphonies,             1936 aged 71 – leaving only the first
coupled with other orchestral works by this         movement completed. Those who have
composer. Those music-lovers who have heard         investigated this music know that it can
earlier issues in this series will know of the      stand perfectly satisfactorily as a single-
high standards they have come to expect from        movement coherent work on its own,
this outstandingly gifted musician and his          and José Serebrier is particularly keen to
team. Their first CD in the series, containing      bring this very fine, but little-known, music to   series of orchestral transcriptions by Leopold
the Fifth Symphony and The Seasons ballet           a world-wide audience. José Serebrier took         Stokowski, a mentor and early champion of
[2564 61434], was received – quite rightly, in      care to study Glazunov’s own recording of The      Serebrier’s music, who conducted the prem-
my opinion – with world-wide rave notices           Seasons, made in London in 1929, which was         ieres of several of Serebrier’s works, including
from the critics. Personally, I was so impressed    in fact the only recording the composer ever       the First Symphony, composed when Serebrier
with that initial CD that I played it – without     made. Serebrier is at pains to point out that it   was just 19. The most recent release in this
revealing the identity of the conductor – to a      was not his intention to carbon-copy Glaz-         series is a DVD of Stokowski’s orchestration of
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