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           green                IREM® MEMBER SHARES ENERGY-
                           SAVING RETROFITTING OPTIONS THAT

                             PROVIDE FINANCIAL RETURNS

               etrofitting existing properties into sus-      In the competitive residential rental world, owners and
               tainable, green buildings isn’t an easy     managers who want to be environmentally friendly must be
               task, but it is one that can offer sub-     adept in utilizing technology that incorporates payback that
               stantial payback for your properties.       makes financial sense, as well as providing a positive public
                  Simply by shifting your focus from       relations image for your company.
               obtaining LEED certification first and         Everything from installing shower head water restric-
               foremost to obtaining an Energy Star        tors in bathrooms to placing high-efficiency light bulbs
               Certification can yield this satisfactory   in your multifamily properties are easy solutions you can
               payback. Not only is this goal readily      implement quickly. However, specific focus on strate-
               obtainable, but it is also an important     gies for improving the energy efficiency of the heating
               initial step toward LEED certification.     ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in
               (See sidebar, page 25, for definition of    these buildings often represents an investment opportu-
               these terms.)                               nity with satisfactory payback, since the systems typically

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      special feature

                                                                                     Check Insulation
                                                                                     Since there is more exterior wall square
                                                                                     footage than roof square footage in
                                                                                     high-rises, insulating the walls has a
                                                                                     greater impact on energy reduction
     If a building already has energy-                                               than insulating the roof. This strategy
                                                                                     requires gaining access to the exterior
     efficient windows or the property                                                walls. Since high-rise buildings have
     cannot afford new ones, make sure the                                           masonry exterior walls, interior access
                                                                                     is more feasible. However, interior
     window seals are maintained.                                                    walls also present challenges in that
                                                                                     plaster, drywall and final finishes are
                                                                                     expensive to restore.
                    account for 40 to 60 percent of the building’s energy use.          Increasing the amount of exterior
                      With that in mind, the following are strategies you can        wall insulation should be evaluated
                    look to first for improving your building’s energy efficiency.   when planning any major renovation,
                                                                                     as minimum exterior wall insulation

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