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                          Ethics for new managers
                          Start your reputation right by upholding professional principles

                          “Your reputation is your resume.”                       —MADELINE ALBRIGHT, DIPLOMAT

     by Carl D. York, CPM®

          pen any news publication or           worked hard to achieve a profession-        and not being concerned with how
          watch virtually any news program      al designation, that of an ARM®, a          it will look tomorrow worth compro-
     today and you will find someone who        CPM or ACoM. You were not able to           mising your honesty and character?
     appears to have made a bad judgment        become a member without attending           Hopefully not.
     in dealing with their family or their      an ethics class and obtaining recom-            Successful managers are not those
     business. While it may seem that we        mendations from fellow members of           who always have the answers, but
     have lost our ability to control the       the Institute. Recommending a can-          those who continue to listen and
     things around us, it is certainly a fact   didate is not done lightly. As IREM         learn. Not every question has an
     that no one has a greater ability to       Members, we rely on each other to           answer based on policy, law or past
     damage your reputation than you do.        maintain the value of the Institute by      experience. When faced with the “gray
         For you newer managers out there,      our actions. We must believe that you       areas” that so often arise, take the time
     you have achieved your position based      will continue to display the highest        to ask your supervisor or one of your
     not only on how others see you, but        level of integrity in your dealings with    peers, “How would you handle this
     because your past achievements have        others.                                     situation?” Asking a question is not a
     met or exceeded the guidelines estab-          Each one of us has pledged our-         sign of weakness; it is a sign of good
     lished for your position. Where you        selves to uphold the 14 Articles of         judgment and leadership.
     are today is based on the reputation       Conduct listed in the IREM Code of              If you set your moral compass to
                                                                                            point towards protecting your good
          Successful managers are not those who                                             name, even in the face of difficult
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