First ACI Certification Exams Given in India

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					      First ACI
Certification Exams
  Given in India
                                                                A    CI’s Certification Programs and International Committees
                                                                     have just completed the first initiative to assist the
                                                                Institute’s approved international sponsoring groups with
   Starting a certification program from scratch under          starting a certification program. This ACI Board-approved
perfect conditions is challenging enough. Then consider         program helps the international groups that apply for
a lack of available testing equipment, the logistics and        assistance to organize and implement a certification
cost of delivering training materials, and the sheer size       program within their operational boundries.
of India, and you’ll soon realize the task the ACI India           The ACI India Chapter (ACI’s largest chapter) has been
Chapter had at hand.                                            working with ACI staff for several years to implement
   ACI and the ACI India Chapter acknowledge the                Concrete Field Testing Technician–Grade I certification.
additional support provided by Humboldt Manufacturing           In 2004, R.N. Raikar, who was then the Secretary of the
and eTEC in helping make the first ACI Concrete Field           ACI India Chapter, requested assistance from ACI to get
Testing Technician–Grade I exam session a success.              Field Grade I certification started in India. In his opinion,
   Sourcing the proper testing equipment to carry out           several obstacles had to be overcome:
the ASTM testing standards covered by the Concrete              1. A lack of certified examiners (professional engineers
Field Testing Technician–Grade I certification proved              with concrete testing experience);
problematic. Dennis Burgess, President of Humboldt              2. A lack of supplemental examiners (people who have
Manufacturing (, donated                       their Field Grade I certification and are able to assist
refurbished testing equipment for the chapter to use               in administering the practical exam);
for future testing sessions. According to John Conn, ACI        3. The use of Indian standards rather than ASTM
Manager of Certification Operations, aside from proper             International standards; and
training, proper testing equipment is critical to providing     4. Technicians that are not familiar with tests to measure
accurate concrete test results.                                    the air content of fresh concrete. Air entrainment is
   For this first session, examinees came from across              not required in most of India because of very few
India and the UAE. The cost and logistics of getting study         freezing-and-thawing cycles.
materials into everyone’s hands in a timely manner                
Description: ACI's Certification Programs and International Committees have just completed the first initiative to assist the Institute's approved international sponsoring groups with starting a certification program. The training program included a basic review of concrete fundamentals, concrete construction, and how to perform each of the individual concrete tests.
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