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									  evaluation Service
   Helps innovative
Products enter Market
                     ecolite Concrete turns to iCC evaluation Service, inc.,
                               to demonstrate code compliance

                                                  by marion maguire

A    lthough building green is foremost in the minds of
     many people, code professionals are responsible for
ensuring that sustainable products are up to code and
                                                             worked with Ecolite to develop Acceptance Criteria 282,
                                                             “Acceptance Criteria for Thin Shell, Cementitious-Coated,
                                                             Cold-Formed Steel Stud Wall Panels,”1 which was used to
meet the same requirements for strength, reliability, and    conduct an objective evaluation of its product. The
longevity as more conventional solutions. When Ecolite       Acceptance Criteria documents are approved by an ICC-ES
Concrete USA, Inc. (Ecolite) developed Ecolite’s stud-       Evaluation Committee made up of building officials from
framed lightweight concrete wall panels, it knew that the    across the U.S. Then, ICC-ES staff evaluated and verified
product was an alternative to what is covered by the         the data developed for Ecolite by an independent test lab
code. Because the panels could not be designed using         to ensure that it met the criteria. The end result was
prescriptive code requirements alone, performance was        evaluation report ESR-12592 that verified compliance.
based purely on manufacturer studies.
   ICC Evaluation Service, Inc. (ICC-ES), a subsidiary of
the International Code Council® (ICC®), provides technical
evaluation of building products, components, methods,
and materials. The organization helps manufacturers
such as Ecolite by developing the acceptance criteria that
a product must meet to be considered a product that
meets the intent of the code. After tests or calculations
are performed by a third party to demonstrate that the
product meets the acceptance criteria, the organization
reviews the information and writes a report stating
whether the pr
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