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Take the Handcuffs off Sales Team Development WITH SELF-DIRECTED LEARNING


Want to make your salespeople more efficient and productive? Consider changing the way you train them, or better yet, consider helping them learn. Self-directed learning (SDL) has been shown to reduce training costs and allow employees to grow at their own rate, in the areas where they know they need improvement. Traditional, formal sales training, which usually involves standardized lectures and materials and is typically provided by the organization or manager, does not take into account individual needs and previous experience. For this reason, it may be irrelevant for some employees. SDL is a kind of training that allows individuals to identify skills they would like to improve, and to work on those skills at their own pace. Overall, SDL can be drawn upon throughout the organization. But research has found that it may be most useful for salespeople, who play an important role in the overall success of the organization and make many job-related decisions on their own (such as probing customers for information, maintaining quality of customer contact, and gauging the amount of attention customers need). [PUBLICATION ABSTRACT]

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