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									cross-reference to temporary regulations                        IRS and the George                             Service, will deliver the luncheon address.
(REG–161695–04, 2008–37 I.R.B. 699)                             Washington University Law                      On the second day, Edward D. Kleinbard,
that was published in the Federal Reg-                          School to Sponsor Institute on                 Chief of Staff of the Joint Committee on
ister on Tuesday, July 22, 2008 (73 FR                                                                         Taxation, will deliver an opening address,
42538) relating to the averaging of farm                        International Tax Issues                       and Michael F. Mundaca, Deputy Assis-
and fishing income in computing income                                                                         tant Secretary for International Tax Affairs
tax liability.
                                                                Announcement 2008–94                           of the Treasury, will deliver the luncheon
                                                                    The Internal Revenue Service an-           address. The second day will also include
FOR    FURTHER           INFORMATION                                                                           an “Ask the IRS” panel featuring senior
                                                                nounces the Twenty-First Annual Institute
CONTACT: Amy Pfalzgraf, (202)                                                                                  officials from the Service.
                                                                on Current Issues in International Tax-
622–4960 (not a toll-free number).                                                                                Those interested in attending or ob-
                                                                ation, jointly sponsored by the Internal
                                                                Revenue Service and The George Wash-           taining more information should contact
                                                                ington University Law School, to be held       The George Washington University Law
Background                                                      on December 8 and 9, 2008, at the J.W.         School, at
                                                                Marriott Hotel in Washington, DC. Reg-
   The notice of proposed rulemaking by                         istration is currently underway for the
cross-reference to temporary regulations                        Institute, which is intended for interna-      Update to Publication 1187,
(REG–161695–04) that is the subject of                          tional tax professionals.
this correction is under section 1301 of the                                                                   Specifications for Filing Form
                                                                    The program will present a unique op-
Internal Revenue Code.                                          portunity for top IRS and Treasury offi-
                                                                                                               1042–S, Foreign Person’s
                                                                cials and tax experts, an OECD represen-       U.S. Source Income Subject
Need for Correction
                                                                tative, foreign government tax authorities,    to Withholding, Electronically,
   As published, REG–161695–04 con-                             and leading private sector specialists, to     Revised August 2008
tains an error that may prove to be mis-                        address breaking issues and present key
leading and is in need of clarification.                        perspectives on new developments. The          Announcement 2008–95
                                                                first day will feature a discussion by U.S.
Correction of Publication                                       and foreign tax authorities of competent          This announcement supersedes An-
                                                                authority current trends and new frontiers.    nouncement 2008–19 and contains cor-
    Accordingly, the publication of the pro-                      
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