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									                                                               Administration of George W. Bush, 2008                                                                         1381

                                                               President’s National Security Telecommuni-                      Released October 20
                                                               cations Advisory Committee.                                     Transcript of a press gaggle by Press Sec-
                                                                 The President announced his intention to                      retary Dana Perino
                                                               appoint Herbert Briick and Elizabeth
                                                               Rindskopf as members of the Public Interest                     Statement by the Press Secretary: Visit by
                                                               Declassification Board.                                         President Fernando Lugo of Paraguay
                                                                 The President announced that he has des-                      Statement by the Press Secretary on the
                                                               ignated William E. Reukauf as Acting Special                    Taliban attack on civilians in Kandahar Prov-
                                                               Counsel, Office of Special Counsel.                             ince, Afghanistan
                                                               October 24                                                      Statement by the Press Secretary on the
                                                                  In the morning, the President had an intel-                  Interagency Council on Homelessness
                                                               ligence briefing. Later, he traveled to Fort                    Statement by the Press Secretary announcing
                                                               Meade, MD, where, at the National Security                      that the President signed H.R. 5159 and S.
                                                               Agency—Operations Building, he partici-                         3197
                                                               pated in briefings.
                                                                  In the afternoon, the President had lunch                    Fact sheet: White House Summit on Inter-
                                                               with National Security Agency employees.                        national Development
                                                               He then returned to Washington, DC. Later,                      Released October 21
                                                               in the Oval Office, he met with Secretary
                                                               General Jakob Gijsbert ‘‘Jaap’’ de Hoop                         Transcript of a press briefing by Press Sec-
                                                               Scheffer of the North Atlantic Treaty Organi-                   retary Dana Perino
                                                               zation.                                                         Statement by the Press Secretary: Visit of
                                                                  In the evening, in the East Room, the                        Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek of the
                                                               President participated in a signing ceremony                    Czech Republic
                                                               for North Atlantic Treaty Organization acces-
                                                               sion protocols for Albania and Croatia.                         Statement by the Press Secretary announcing
                                                                  The President declared a major disaster in                   that the President signed H.R. 3511, H.R.
                                                               Ohio and ordered Federal aid to supplement                      4010, H.R. 4131, H.R. 6558, H.R. 6681, H.R.
                                                               State and local recovery efforts in the area                    6834, H.R. 6847, H.R. 6902, and H.R. 6982
                                                               struck by a severe wind storm associated with                   Fact sheet: Transforming International De-
                                                               Tropical Depression Ike on September 14.                        velopment
                                                                                                                               Advance text of the President’s remarks at
                                                                                                                               the White House Summit on International
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