Remarks Following a Meeting With President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia by ProQuest


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									                                                               1376                                                    Oct. 21 / Administration of George W. Bush, 2008

                                                                  It’s not hard to imagine what fruits our                        And no question, Liberia has gone through
                                                               compassion will yield 60 years from today.                      very difficult times; but no question, there’s
                                                               We can see it in the faces of Afghan girls                      a bright future for Liberia. Liberia’s needs
                                                               going to school for the first time. We can                      the help of the United States and other na-
                                                               see them in the proud eyes of Latin Amer-                       tions to help make sure children are edu-
                                                               ican workers providing for themselves and                       cated, to make sure babies are not dying be-
                                                               for their families. We see them in the joy                      cause of malaria, to make sure there’s an in-
                                                               of new African mothers whose babies are                         frastructure so that small businesses can
                                                               protected from malaria and HIV. We see                          flourish, to make sure the port is open for
                                                               them in the outpouring of thanks throughout                     business. We have been helpful, and we want
                                                               the developing world. I’m just so sorry that                    to be helpful in the future. And I’m confident
                                                               not every American could have been with                         in saying to the American people that by
                                                               Laura and me and see what we saw in our                         helping this President and Liberia, we really
                                                               trip to Africa last year. Schoolchildren sang                   help ourselves in many ways.
                                                               songs about America’s generosity. One shop-                        And so I—it’s been a joy to know you. It’s
                                                               owner, I think who was in Liberia, Madam                        been a great experience working with you,
                                                               President, painted his stall in our Nation’s                    and I congratulate you on your strong leader-
                                                               colors. Tens of thousands of people lined the                   ship. Welcome.
                                                               roadsides during our visit, cheering and wav-                      President Johnson Sirleaf. Thank you,
                                                               ing American flags in gratitude to the Amer-                    Mr. President. I come on behalf of the Libe-
                                                               ican people.                                                    rian people to thank you for the support
                                                                  I’m honored to be the President of such                      we’ve received from you, the administration,
                                                               a nation filled with people of such generosity                  from Congress, from the American people.
                                                               and goodness. I’m proud to join with all of                     It has enabled us to turn the corner from
                                                               you in ushering in a new era of development.                    being what was called a failed state several
                                                               This is an historic commitment that we all                      years ago to today what we hope will becom-
                                                               can be proud of, one that will secure a bright                  ing to be one of the emerging democracies.
                                                               future for our partners in the developing                          We’ve been able to put our economic and
                                                               world, one that will make America a better                      financial house in order, tackle our debt,
                                                               place. God bless you.                                           begin to rebuild our infrastructure, put our
                                                                                                                               children back into school——
                                                               NOTE: The President spoke at 1:22 p.m. at the                      President Bush. That’s right.
                                                               Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade                     President Johnson Sirleaf. ——bring
                                                               Center. In his remarks, he referred to President                some water and electricity to a country that
                                                               Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia, who introduced                hasn’t had it fo
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