Leg Ulcers and Problems of the Lower Limb: An Holistic Approach by ProQuest


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									 Research and Theory for Nursing Practice: An International Journal, Vol. 22, No. 4, 2008

                             BOOK REVIEW
               Leg Ulcers and Problems of the Lower Limb:
                          An Holistic Approach
      Edited by Ellie Lindsay and Richard White. Aberdeen, UK: HealthComm UK Limited
                (www.healthcomm-uk.com), 2007, 260 pp., £24.99 (softcover)

        his slim, softcover book is the most recent addition to growing international
        evidence-based literature about the management of chronic leg conditions
        such as ulcers. Generated from the highly successful practice innovation of Leg
Clubs in the UK, a socioeconomic model of care delivery in nonmedical group settings
for people with chronic leg wound problems, the book is an invaluable resource for
clinical practice in this area. Contributors include clinicians and researchers from
several health care disciplines in addition to nursing, from the UK and Australia
who have taken the core principles of the original Leg Club model and extended and
enhanced it to suit local contexts. In 3 sections and 20 chapters the authors cover the
patient-centered approach to leg wound care, the basics of the theory–practice–research
relationship and practical issues in clinical leg wound care.
    Strengths of the book are the sensitive approach to assessing and understanding
the social stigma of leg wounds and the effect of such conditions on body image
and quality of life, the solid und
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