Veteran Cameron earns first Finals title by ProQuest


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									Division 4                        No Electronics-Quick
Veteran Cameron earns first Finals title

                                                                                                         Dennis Cameron Sr. (above left), of Red River Raceway, earned his first NHRA Summit
                                                                                                         Racing Series Finals victory by driving his ’27 Ford roadster to a near-perfect (+.003)
                                                                                                         8.463 to defeat Lee Bannister’s ’73 Pontiac, which broke out with an 11.89 on an 11.91
                                                                                                         dial. (Left) Cameron and his entourage were greeted in the winner’s circle by Division 4
                                                                                                         Director Craig Hutchinson.

   NHRA SUMMIT RACING SERIES FINALS                                          finally go all the way when he drove his ’27 Ford             Cameron said that the toughest race took place
(Div. 4) — Dennis Cameron Sr. had been close to                              roadster to the No Electronics-Quick final-round          in the first round, which was run on Saturday
reaching the winner’s circle before, having reached                          victory over the ’73 Pontiac of Team Edinburg Int’l       evening before the balance of Sunday’s
the semi’s at last year’s NHRA Summit Racing                                 Racetrack’s Lee Bannister.                                eliminations. “I learned something from what
Series Finals, where he was felled by a red-light                                Said Cameron, “Last year’s semifinal-round            happened to me at last year’s E.T. Finals,” said
start. So it was quite gratifying for the longtime                           finish was the best I’ve done at an E.T. Finals, and      Cameron. “After deep staging in all of my time-
campaigner from the Red River Raceway team to                                the red-light from that race didn’t enter my mind at      trial runs during the day, I shallow staged at night
                                                                             this event because the conditions were totally            to compensate for the quicker reaction time that I
                                                                             different. Last year, we got into the dark, which         expected.” Cameron’s strategy worked to
                                                                             made me see the Tree quicker. This time, we ran           perfection as he cut a stout .005 light for his first-
                                                                             the final rounds in daylight, and I didn’t have to        round win over Tim Baker, which was achieved
                                                                             deal with that situation again.”                          with a .044-over 8.504 to Baker’s .012-over 10.692.
                                                                                 The win was especially rewarding because                  Cameron’s roadster features a Super Gas-
                                                                             Cameron had competed in so many Finals. Cameron           specific chassis that was built by Don Davis, and
  Quarterfinalists: Lee Bannister (’73 Pontiac —                             said, “I began competing in the E.T. Series when          he purchased the car several years ago from late
  Edinburg); Shane Digilormo (’72 Chevelle — Red River);                     they first started in the mid-1970s. I took 11 years      Super-class racer Carlton Graham.
  Dennis Cameron Sr. (’27 Ford roadster — Red River);                        off from 1986 to 1997, but I’ve still
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